UCC : Advisors

Dr. F Ba Hli (GBNF)

Saya Dr F Ba Hli (GBNF) received Sc.D. (Doctor of Science) from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). At MIT, Saya helped “fresh” scholars including Saya Dr. Aung Gyi and Saya U Min Wun acclimatize with the environment and studies.

Saya served as DG (Director General) of UBARI (Union of Burma Applied Research Institute) and Advisor for the Ministry of National Planning. Saya was a supporter of UCC Project and served as a member of the Board of Directors and as an External Examiner for the Computer Science graduates.

Daw Myint Thwe (Saya’s spouse) is the sister of Saya U Tin U (C), Saya U Ba Than (M), Dr. Myo Tint, U Tin Htoon (A60), Saya U Myo Min (UCC) and U Thaung Lwin (EC66).

Saya’s children Daw Tin Tin Hlaing and U Tha Hlaing (EC83) are UCC Alumni. U Htay Aung (EC80, spouse of Daw Tin Tin Hlaing and nephew of Saya U Sein Hlaing) and team “programmed” a PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory) to print Burmese characters on the Cromemco System Three micro-computer. He worked on Burmese Word Processing for Wang Computers. He migrated to Australia. For the past few years, U Htay Aung came back to Yangon to volunteer as an interpreter for the “10-day Mediation Retreat for Foreign Yogis” at the Mahasi Sasana Yeik Tha.

During my visit to Sydney in 2006, Saya U Aung Zaw hosted a UCC reunion and mini-PZP (Pu Zaw Pwe) for Saya F Ba Hli and Saya Chit.

U Sein Win (GBNF)

Saya U Sein Win (GBNF) is the younger brother of Dr. Tin U (Medical Superintendent, Rangoon Children’s Hospital) and Dr. Saw Lwin.

Saya served as Technical Advisor for UCC. Saya worked closely with U Win Htein (Purdue University, EE at PWD, GBNF) for the design and maintenance of the Electrical Systems (including Motor Alternator, Diesel Generator, Air conditioning) at UCC.

Saya was a top student at the University of Michigan. His friends jokingly called him “Khone Swa Khone Swa” referring to his brisk walking style.

Saya served as Lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering. When the EE Department was formally reorganized into EC (Electrical Communications, also known as EcE and Electronics Engineering) and EP (Electrical Power), Saya U Sein Win served as Professor of EP. Saya Dr. San Tint served as Professor of EC.

Grapevine says that Saya is an absent minded Professor. Saya married late. One day, Saya drove Sayagadaw to Bogyoke Market. He taught (or discussed with) his students for quite some time and almost forgot to pick up Sayagadaw. There are variations on this anecdote regarding the place (e.g. Hledan Zay).

Saya served as Line Judge at the RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club) Regattas. Saya managed the RIT Swimming and Water Polo team.

Saya stays fit by swimming regularly (even when he was visiting Singapore on a business trip).

Saya has a vast knowledge. Saya Dr. San Hla Aung (C58) remembers Saya U Sein Win discussing about Civil Engineering and other subjects.

U Win Htein (GBNF)

U Win Htein matriculated from SPHS in 1956 with Saya U Soe Paing and Saya U Ko Ko Lay.

They were selected as State Scholars to study in the USA. U Win Htein studied at Purdue University. Saya Paing and Saya Lay studied at Stanford University.

Upon his return, he joined PWD.

He was EE during our UCC days.

For the UCC project, U Win Htein and his team maintained the Electrical Systems (including Motor Alternator, Diesel Generator, Air conditioning) at UCC.

U Win Htein is the elder brother of U Myo Myint (EC67) and Daw Myint Myint Thein (Susan, FERD).

Dr. San Tint (GBNF)

Saya Dr. San Tint (GBNF) graduated in 1961 and joined the EE (Electrical Engineering) Department at RIT. He later served as Professor of EC (Electrical Communications AKA Electronics Engineering).

Saya served as External Examiner at UCC.

He played on the RIT Saya Soccer team with U Soe Paing (EE), Dr. Tin Win (M), Dr. Aung Soe (C), U Aung Soe (Maths), U Tin Maung Nyunt (M) and Des Rodgers (English).

Saya suffered stroke and his right hand was paralyzed. He practiced writing with his left hand hoping that he will recover and continue teaching.

Saya spent four decades teaching and passing the torch to the younger generation.

His nephew U Hlaing Myint (UCC) was with Saya in Saya’s final days.

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