UCC Memories

HM : Mandalay Gazette

Burmese Publications in the US

U Aung Myint (Henry Lim)

He is an RIT Associate. He left before graduation to the US. After volunteering as BAPS Newsletter Editor for several years, he founded and published “Shwe Padauk” magazine in Northern California. He later published “Dawinthee (Durian)” magazine. His doctors advised him to rest. Luckily, he had a transplant donor and is now in good health. The two publications are just memories for him.

Dr. Maung Maung Kyi

He is a classmate of my cousin sister at IM(1).
He has undergone three phases

  • Swimmer
  • Doctor
  • Journalist

He founded Mandalay Gazette in Southern California. A column in that publication is an interview with a well-known or distinguished Myanmar.

For ease of readability, the three columns of two half-pages are posted as six segments.

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