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There are various kinds of Rowing. The following is a sampling :

  • Myanmar Laung
  • Inlay Leg Rowing
  • Western Style Rowing

Boat Clubs in Burma

  • In the early days, Rangoon Boat Club (RBC) was the only club that practiced Western Style Rowing.
    In was also an Exclusive Club.
  • Sir Arthur Eggar rowed for Cambridge University in the UK.
    He also evangelized the Egg-Bairn Rowing Style.
    He taught at Rangoon University for two assignments.
    The first assignment was Mathematics Lecturer.
    After working in UK and Middle East as Law Expert, he returned to Burma as Law Professor.
  • Sir Arthur founded the Rangoon University Boat Club (RUBC) was founded in 1923.
    The Club House was build with part of the fund donated by U Nyo to the RU Estate.
    U Nyo established the Challenge Cup for Inter-Club Eights.
    U Nyo’s Cup was replaced in the 1950s with the Union of Burma President’s Challenge Cup.
  • RUBC produced not only outstanding rowers, but also successful entrepreneurs, educators, professors, doctors, lawyers, scientists, engineers, diplomats, armed forces personnel (to name a few)
  • Details can be found in the following :

    40th Anniversary Commemorative Issue :
    Compiled by Sithu U Tin, U Po Zon and U Tin Htoon in 1963
    90th Anniversary Commemorative Issue :
    Compiled by the Magazine Committee with U Tin Htoon (Chair), U Myo Myint (Vice Chair), U Htaik San (Henry Kao, Secretary), U Hla Min (Contributing Editor), Dr. Tin Wa and other members in 2013
    Autobiography of Sir Arthur Eggar :
    Reprinted by selected Old Crocs in 2013
  • Commodore Than Pe and Bohmu Maung Maung Than Tun helped found the Defense Services Rowing Club.
  • Later, the Ye Gyaung Lu Nge (Marine Youth Club) was established at Kandawgyi.
Souvenir Magazine Committee
40th Anniversary Dinner

RUBC and Defense Services

Kin Maung Bo

  • Past Captain and Gold
  • Commander / First native Chief of the Burma Navy
  • Succeeded by Commodore Than Pe

Commodore Than Pe

  • Past Captain and Gold
  • Vice Chief of Staff (Navy)
  • Member of 17-man Revolutionary Council in 1962
  • Minister of Health and Education
  • Succeeded Sir Arthur Eggar as President of RUBC
  • Helped found Defense Services Rowing Club and Burma Rowing Federation

Bohmu Maung Maung Than Tun

  • Past Captain and Gold
  • Served as OSD (Officer on Special Duty) under Commodore Than Pe
  • Helped found Defense Services Rowing Club and Burma Rowing Federation
  • Retired Ambassador
  • Oldest among the Past Captains who are alive
  • First pair of Father-Son who are Past Captain and Gold
  • Hla Maw Tun (Past Secretary and Gold)
  • Aung Khine (Past Captain and Gold)


  • Several others served in the Army, Navy and Air Force.

RUBC and United Nations

James Barrington

  • Gold
  • ICS
  • Permanent Representative of the Burmese Delegation to the United Nations
  • Preceded U Thant as Permanent Representative
  • Succeeded U Thant who was elected Secretary General of the United Nations
  • Retired as Ambassador

Balwant Singh

  • Gold
  • Majored in Pali
  • Commissioner of Pegu (Bago) Division
  • High ranking official in the United Nations for Security


  • Several others worked on UN organizations and projects.

Multiple Sports Athletes

Chan Tha

  • Past Captain and Gold
  • Captain of the RU Prome Hall Soccer team which won the Inter-Hall trophy for two consecutive years
  • Played soccer for
    Faculty of Engineering, Rangoon University
    and Burma
  • After retirement, rowed Canoe and Kayak

Dr. Harry Saing

  • Past Captain and Gold
  • Represented Faculty of Medicine, Rangoon University and Burma in several sports
    Hockey, Cricket, Soccer, Track and Field and Rowing
  • Represented RUBC 10+ times
  • Won Venables Bowl for Coxless Pairs at the 1958 ARAE Regatta at Calcutta with Tin Htoon (Stroke)
  • Won Willingdon Trophy for Coxed Fours at the 1960 ARAE Regatta at Colombo with Tin Htoon (Stroke), Sunny Teng (3), Victor Htun Shein (2) , and Sein Htoon (Cox)
  • Pediatric Surgeon:
    With Dr. Pe Nyun (Past Captain and Gold, Lead Surgeon), he conducted the first operation in Burma to separate conjoined twins (Ma Nan Soe and Ma Nan San)
  • Professor at Hong Kong Medical School
  • Patron of Hong Kong Rowing / Sailing Club
    His ashes were scattered into the waters near the Hong Kong Rowing Club
    He supported RUBC teams competing at the FEARA Regatta in Hong Kong
  • Mostly rowed as Bow.
    In 1962, Ko Harry coached seven new Golds and rowed as Timing Stroke.
    Ko Win Kyi (the other veteran) rowed as (7).
    Myo Tin (6), Micky Tan (5), Htain Linn (4), Oung Kyaing (3), Winston Tun Thoung (2), Myo Myint (Bow), and Victor Wu (Cox) benefited from his coaching.


  • Several others represented in other sports for RU and/or Burma

    Track and Field
    Water Polo

Some Golds from the early days

  • Sithu U Tin (GBNF, Fourth President of RUBC)
  • U Tun Thoung (GBNF, Third President of RUBC)
  • U Thet Toe (C H Chan, GBNF, Past Captain)
  • Balwant Singh
  • Dr. Ronald Lwin
  • U Kyaw Thein (Past Captain)
  • U Tin U (Most senior among the Past Captains who are alive)
    Represented RUBC at the 1948 Independence Day Regatta with Dr. Pe Nyun, Dr. Pe Thein and Bobby Tin
  • Dr. Pe Nyun (GBNF, Past Captain)
  • Dr. Pe Thein (GBNF)
  • Bobby Tin
  • U Maung Maung Than Tun (Oldest among the Past Captains who are alive)
    First Pair of Father-Son who are Captain and Gold
  • Dr. Myo Tint (GBNF, Past Captain)
    Third in Burma in the Matriculation of 1952
  • U Chan Tha (GBNF, Past Captain)
  • U Tin Htut (Past Captain)
  • Dr. Harry Saing (GBNF, Past Captain, ARAE Champion in 1958 &1960, Club Coach)
  • U Tin Htoon (Past Captain, ARAE Champion in 1958 & 1960)
  • U Han Tin (GBNF, Past Captain)
  • Dr. Tin Wa (Past Captain, 1959 Gold)
  • U Sein Htoon (Past Captain, ARAE Champion, 1960 Gold)
  • U Thaung Lwin (Past Captain, 1963 Gold)
  • U Myo Tin (William Hone, Past Captain, 1962 Gold)
  • Lawrence Sein Tun Aung
  • Jimmy Saw Lwin
  • Aunt Kyi
  • U Tun Shein (Willie Saing, 1954 Gold)
  • U San Maung (Gerald Sein, GBNF, Club Coach)
  • Dr. Hla Min (Eddie Chan)
  • M. Hla Min (E A Moosaji)
  • U Tun Zan (GBNF)
  • U Tun Aung (George Singh)
  • Dr. Donald Chan
  • Dr. Thein Htut
  • G Ko Lay (GBNF)
  • L. Than Myint
  • U Than Soe
  • Victor Htun Shein (GBNF, ARAE Champion, 1960 Gold)
  • Sunny Teng (ARAE Champion, 1960 Gold)
  • U Mya Maung (U Min Aung, 1961 Gold)
  • Mehm Than Thoung (Maurice Tun Thoung, 1961 Gold)
  • U Htain Lin (1962 Gold)
  • Mehm Myo Thoung (Winston Tun Thoung, 1962 Gold)
  • U Thein Aung (Micky Tan, GBNF, 1962 Gold)
  • U Oung Kyaing (1962 Gold)
  • U Myo Myint (1962 Gold)
  • U Tin Aung (Victor Wu, GBNF, 1962 Gold)
  • U Than Htut (1963 Gold)

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