RIT Saya

HM : Dr. Aung Gyi

Pon Tu
by Myat Myo Myint

Sayagyi Dr. Aung Gyi

Contributions by Saya

  • Brief Biography
  • Introduction to the History of University Engineering Education in Burma/Myanmar
  • Article covering
    (a) State Scholarship in the USA
    (b) Experience as Professor and Rector.
    Saya’s article was quoted in HMEE-2012
  • Key note speech at SPZP-2000 held in the USA
    Highlighted the importance of Health and Emotional Intelligence
  • Coconut Episode highlighted a student, who evolved from a “coconut thief” into a 3R volunteer teacher


Lunch / Dinner Gatherings

Trip to New York

Saya’s House in Canada

Asian Heritage Museum, SF

Seafood Restaurant in Daly City

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