Mote Seik Phone Gyi *

Reverend Friedrich Lustig (Ahin Ananda)
Estonian Buddhist monk
(26 April 1912 in Narva, Estonia – 4 April 1989 in Rangoon, Myanmar)

Reverend Friedrich Lustig and his mentor Karlis Tennisons (Buddhist Archbishop of Latvia and Sangharja for Estonia and Lithuania) lived for many years in a monastery on “A Le Pyit Sa Yan” of Shwe Dagon Pagoda.

Rev Lustig went for alms round every day, and was fondly known as “Mote Seik Phone Gyi”.

After his mentor’s demise, he inherited his master’s titles. He later shaved his beard and became ordained as a Theravada monk with the name “Ashin Ananda”.

He was a Poet Laureate. He wrote poems in English. He also translated Burmese poems (including Anandathuriya’s kabyar) into English.

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