Horse Racing *

  • In our younger days, Rangoon Turf Club held horse races probably every week end.
  • U Chit Khine, father of U Myint Khine (Norman, SPHS57, C63), served as Secretary of the Turf Club.
  • Per U Thein Han, four members of Rangoon Turf Club were invited in 1958 as Guests of Hong Kong Turf Club. They were entertained with a special cruise.
  • Several medical doctors and business men were Patrons.
  • Newspapers ran columns about the forthcoming horse races and their tips on which horses they think will win (take first place) or place (take second place).
  • The races are based on the class (e.g. age, height) of the horses.
    To give a fair chance to the competing horses, the past winners have to carry additional weight as handicap.

[Per U Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ, EC76)] :
In the 70s and early 80s, there was a running joke about Hong Kong, where the three most powerful people there were the viceroy, chairman or head of the Chamber of Commerce and the President of the Turf club.

Treble Tote

  • Three specified races constitute the “Treble Tote”.
  • One has to bet all three winners to claim the Grand Prize.

Lost time and money

  • Many lost time trying to guess the winners.
  • Lost money betting on the wrong horses.
  • U Ne Win declared that “Horse Racing would be banned [for the good of the people].”
    Grapevine says that U Ne Win did not attend the Martyrs’ Day celebrations, since he wanted to be in the UK for the Derby.


  • We had never been to the racing ground.
  • Thein Wai (SPHS63) asked several classmates if they would like to visit the Rangoon Turf Club before it would be closed forever.
    His father (Dr. Ko Gyi) was a Patron of the Club.
  • We saw some “Nwa Pwe” (bullock cart races) that supplement the regular horse races.

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