VB : Thet Shay Sayas

Video Broadcast: #108

100+ years young

  • Daw Nyein (Physics)
    Retired as Head and Lecturer, Physics Department, RIT
    Attended Arcariya Pu Zaw Pwes until her 90s
  • Daw Hla May / Ann (English)
    Spouse : U Ohn Khin (English)
    Son : H.E. Dr. Pe Thet Khin
  • Daw Khin Kyi Kyi (Physics)
    Spouse : U Thein Pe Myint (Author, Political Leader)
    Children : U Han Tha Myint (ex-PTC, NLD), Daw Kyi Thar Myint (Physics)
  • Sayadaw U Thitthila (Pali)
    Trailblazer for Burmese Buddhist monks in UK
  • U Ba Toke (Mathematics)
    Born : December 26, 1920
    Died : December 2, 2020
    Spouse : Daw Khin Ma Gyi (GBNF)
    Children : Betty, Ye Myint, Kitty (GBNF), Nellie, Pansy, Soe Win (GBNF), Pansy, Tammy, Debbie

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