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U Pe Maung Tin

U Pe Maung Tin
  • Pali and Burmese Scholar
  • First native Principal, Rangoon College
  • Proposed Burmese Department as a separate language
  • Early students include
    Theikpan Maung Wa (ICS U Sein Tin)
    Zawgyi (Saya U Thein Han)
    Minthuwun (Saya U Wun)
    Daw Khin Saw Mu

Dr. Htin Aung

Dr. Htin Aung
  • Scholar and Prolific Writer
  • First native Rector, Rangoon University
  • Burmese Ambassador to Ceylon

U Aung Hla

  • First native Professor of Mathematics
  • Dean, Faculty of Arts
  • Compiled notes for Burmese music

Dr. Maung Maung Kha

Dr. Maung Maung Kha
  • First native Professor of Physics, RU
  • Interim Dean, Faculty of Engineering
  • Rector, Rangoon University
  • Rector, Rangoon Arts and Science University
  • Rector, Rangoon University Distance Learning
  • Patron, Tekkatho Ah Nu Pyinnya Ah Thinn
  • Centennial (Celebrated by former colleagues and students)

U Ba Toke

U Ba Toke
  • Phwa Bet Taw of 1920 RU Act and First RU Students’ Strike
  • Professor of Mathematics, RASU
  • Rector, MASU
  • Professor of Engineering Mathematics, RIT
  • Associate Dean, Assumption University
  • Vice Chair, RU Sports Council
  • Leader, Burma Olympic Team for 1964 Tokyo Olympics
  • Passed away on December 2, 2020
    The day after RU Centennial Celebrations
    A few days short of his 100th Birthday

U Ba Hli

  • First native Dean of Engineering, Rangoon University
  • Proponent of “Twinning Universities” with prestigious universities in the USA
  • Professor, Civil Engineering, Rangoon University
  • Principal of GTI
  • Son : Dr. Freddie Ba Hli, Sc.D, MIT

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