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Adam and Eve

  • Forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden
  • Some translators probably named it as Apple
    (since it is common)
  • Adam’s Apple
    Present in both men and women
    Significantly larger in men

Sir Isaac Newton

  • Anecdote
    Apple falling on Newton’s head lead to the discovery of the “Law of Gravitation”
  • Fact
    Newton was in an orchard, but no apple fell on his head.
  • Newton saw an apple fall in front of him.
    He probably asked himself, “Apples fall to the ground. Why doesn’t the Moon fall to the Earth?”


  • Founded the company “Apple Corps” in UK to publish and distribute their music.
  • Used Granny Smith (an apple variety) as the Logo.
  • Sued “Apple Computer” for violation of Trademark.

Steve Jobs

  • Founded the company “Apple Computer Inc.”
  • Supposedly came up with the name “Apple” after visiting an orchard.
  • Some believe “Apple” was chosen since it wanted to be listed at the head of the Yellow Pages.
    “Atari” was the first entry at that time.
  • Settled the law suit partly because the Judge thought that the two names are from different domains.
  • Several decades later, due to Convergence, Beatles’ music was offered on iTunes.
  • Apple later manufactured “Mac” (short for Macintosh).
  • It is a misspelling — intentional or unintentional — of McIntosh (a well known variety of apple).

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