Student Casualties *

The following is a sampling of the fallen students.


  • Ko Aung Kyaw (named Bo Aung Kyaw)
    hit by a baton
    during a protest in front of the Secretariat
  • Sparks Street was renamed Bo Aung Kyaw Street


  • Ko Harry Tan
    hit by a stray bullet
    while looking at a protest
    regarding leak of 7th Standard Government Examination
  • All those who took the examination were declared to pass


  • Ko Aung Khin
    hit by a stray bullet
    while returning home from RUBC (Inya Lake) to his Windermere house
  • He was listed in the newspapers as the 17th victim of 7th July


  • Ko Phone Maw (Lanzin Lu Nge)
    hit by a stray bullet
    in the RIT compound
  • March 13 is known as
    Phone Maw Nay
    Burma Human Rights Day
  • Ko Soe Naing
    also hit by a stray bullet
    was hospitalized
    but passed away

Some Dark Days

  • 2nd March 1962
  • 7th July 1962
  • 8th July 1962
  • December 1974 (U Thant Ah Yay Ah Khin)
  • 13th March 1988
  • 8th August 1988

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