Names : P, Q, R, S, T

HM : Than (Name)

  • Than
  • Than Aung (Dr., EENT)
  • Than Aung (Eco)
  • Than Aung (AFPFL Minister)
  • Than Aung (Son of U Chit Tin)
  • Than Aye (UCC)
  • Than Lwin (Succeeded Saya Joe Ba Maung as National Tennis Champion for Singles; They were Doubles Champion)
  • Than Lwin (Eric, GBNF, Taught Economics at BIT as a Visiting Lecturer: Lecturer and Librarian at the Faculty of Social Science)
  • Than Lwin (Youngest son of Myoma Sayagyi U Ba Lwin; Worked for the States Department; His spouse worked for VOA)
  • Than Lwin (Henry, EC69, Joined the EE Department)
  • Than Lwin (UCC, CSO, Masters in Mathematics and Computer Science; ed to CSO; Moved to Singapore)
  • Than Lwin (Interpreter for Japanese Ah Yoke Kyauk Ah Phwe; The leader helped U Than Lwin’s sonand daughter to study in Japan)
  • Than Lwin (EPC)
  • Than Maung (Myitzuthaka)
  • Than Maung (Hinthada)
  • Than Maung Maung (UCC, North Carolina)
  • Than Maung Yin (UBA)
  • Than May (Daw)
  • Than Myaing (M69)
  • Than Myint (RIT Ah Nu Pyinnya Shin)
  • Than Myint (BBS, Ah Ba)
  • Than Myint (L Than Myint, M63, RUBC)
  • Than Nyein (Daw)
  • Than Nwe (Actor)
  • Than Nwe (Session Judge)
  • Than Nyunt (George Nyunt, RUBC, Eco, Minister)
  • Than Nyunt (Dr. Ko Saung)
  • Than Oo (BERB)
  • Than Pe (Commodore, RUBC, Minister)
  • Than Pe (Brother of Dr. Nyi Nyi)
  • Than Po (Zat Saya)
  • Than Saung (M72, California)
  • Than Sein (RC Member)
  • Than Sein (PPBRS)
  • Than Sein (Sanchaung)
  • Than Sein Thit
  • Than Shwe (General)
  • Than Sit (Dr., Luyechun, Liver Specialist)
  • Than Soe (M63, RUBC Gold)
  • Than Soe (SPHS, Volleyball)
  • Than Swe (Dr., DMR)
  • Than Than (Asian Sprint Champion, Spouse of Ko Htay Aung (M69)
  • Than Than Aye (Dr.)
  • Than Than Mu
  • Than Than Mya
  • Than Than Myint (Gillian Aung, Spouse of Ko Aung Min (M69))
  • Than Than Sint (Vocalist)
  • Than Than Swe (C, Spouse of Dr. Win Boh (EC75))
  • Than Than Win (UCC)
  • Than Tin (M60, RUBC Gold)
  • Than Tun (Thakin, BCP)
  • Than Tun (A65)
  • Than Tun (UCC)
  • Than Tun Aung Hlaing (IM1)
  • Than Tun Aye (Entrerpreur)
  • Than Tun Aye (Gavin, A81, RUBC Gold)
  • Than Win (M69)
  • Than Win (Henry Wong, SPHS)
  • Than Win (T70, Thamankyar)
  • Than Win Aung (Sanchaung)
  • Than Yi (Daw)
  • Than Zaw (MOC)

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