HM : Dhammapada


  • The Dhammapada is a collection of verses
  • They cover the teachings of the Buddha
  • The Pali text has been translated in various languages

U Lokanatha

  • U Lokanatha (Italian Buddhist Monk) was a Chemist in the US.
  • He received a book from his supervisor as a Christmas present.
  • The book contained a chapter on Dhammapada.
  • After reading Dhammapada, he decided to quit his job and become a Buddhist monk.

Narada Thera’s Version

  • Subtitle: PALI text & translation with stories & notes
  • Author : Narada Thera
  • Editions: 1st edition (1963), 4th Edition (1993)


The Pali alphabet



1. The Twin Verses
2. Heedfulness
3. Mind
4. Flowers
5. Fools
6. The Wise
7. The Worthy
8. Thousands
9. Evil
10. The Rod or Punishment
11. Old Age
12. The Self
13. The World
14. The Buddha
15. Happiness
16. Affection
17. Anger
18. Impurities or Taints
19. The Just or Righteous
20. The Way or the Path
21. Miscellaneous
22. Woeful State
23. The Elephant
24. Craving
25. The Bhikkhu or the Mendicant
26. The Brahmana

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