TOKM (07)

  • He matriculated from SPHS in 1960. He missed the top five positions by a mark each. The Brothers were disappointed even though SPHS won many Collegiate Scholarship awards.
  • He graduated from IM(1) in 1967.
  • He worked for Rangoon Children’s Hospital and UNICEF in Rangoon before taking UN assignments overseas.
  • He is retired in Australia.
  • He is a founder of the Alumni of the Myanmar Institute of Medicine. He has written about the sayas and sayamas.
  • He has also written about his father U Kyaw Myint, his Bagyi U Tin Tut and his Ba Dwes U Myint Thein and Dr. Htin Aung.
Frank, Freddy, Khin Maung U, Amy, TOKM

Poem by his former student

Categories: Doctor, SPHS

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