HM : Qualities


  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Quality Engineering (QE)
  • Software Quality of Assurance (SQA)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Life

  • Some metrics
  • Good health
  • Some people do not want to live long without a good Quality of Life
  • Good relationships at home and work
  • Air Pollution (with bad Quality) may be correlated to Lung Diseases

Qualities of the Buddha

He is
1. Accomplished
2. Perfectly Enlightened
3. Endowed with Knowledge and Conduct (or Practice)
4. Well-gone or well-spoken
5. the Knower of worlds
6. the Guide Unsurpassed of men to be tamed
7. the Teacher of gods and men
8. Enlightened
9. Blessed

Qualities of the Dhamma

1. Universal Law found through enlightenment and is preached precisely. It is Excellent in the beginning (Sila /Morality), Excellent in the middle (Samadhi / Concentration) and Excellent in the end (Panna / Wisdom)

2. Testable by practice and known by direct experience

3. Can bestow timeless and immediate results here and now

4. “Come and see”
Welcomes all beings to put it to the test and experience it for themselves

5. Worthy to be followed as a part of one’s life

6. Can be perfectly realized only by the noble disciples who have matured and enlightened enough in supreme wisdom.

Qualities of the Sangha

The community of the disciples of the Buddha has practiced
1. the good (right) way
2. the straight way
3. the way to Nibbanna
4. the proper way

This community of the disciples of the Blessed One that has the Four Pairs of persons, the Eight Kinds of individuals
5. is worthy of gifts
6. is worthy of hospitality
7. is worthy of offerings
8. is worthy of reverential salutation
9. is an unsurpassed field of merit for the world

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