Commerce *

  • Was offered as an Option by the Economics Department, Rangoon University.
  • Became a separate Department under the Faculty of Social Science
  • Later became a Department of the Institute of Economics.
  • During our University days, Professor William Paw was President of RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club).
    As Treasurer, I had to go to his office several times .
    The earlier RUBC Presidents were Sir Arthur Eggar (founder), Commodore Than Pe, Sithu U Tin, and U Tun Thaung.
  • Grapevine says that Saya Dr. Khin Maung Kyi attended Rangoon University as a monk.
    He is known for his debates and writings.
    He taught at Commerce Department and later headed the Research Department.
    He later taught in Malaysia and Singapore.
    I visited Saya in Singapore to hand over a parcel/present by Saya U Myo Min (UCC).
  • I first met Saya Dr. Khin Maung Kyawe (his preferred spelling over “Kywe”) when my cousin uncle Saya U Than Lwin (Eric) took me to the Social Science Library.
    Saya Mao Toon Siong (M62) remembered Saya U Than Lwin as a visiting lecturer in Economics. Saya UTL also served as Librarian. He would give rides to the sayas including Saya “Jimmy” KMK.
    I met Saya Dr. KMK in the mid 80’s as Head of BERB (Burma Education Research Bureau).
    I attended several meetings at BERB.
  • Saya Dr. Mya Than‘s spouse Daw Yee May Kaung is a younger sister of U Thaw Kaung.
    He moved to Singapore and/or Thailand.
  • Saya U Myo Min (UCC) won medals for standing first in I.Com and also in B.Com. for Accounting.
    He became a Chartered Account and worked for IBM UK.
    Per request from his mother and Sayagyi Dr. Chit Swe, he came back to Burma to help with the UCC Project.
    He taught classes at the Institute of Economics.
    He later taught at NTU in Singapore and worked in USA.
  • U Mya Thein (“Bo Shoke”) and U Thein Oo (“Ah Thay Lay”) transferred to UCC as Business Application Programmer/Analyst.
  • Per request of Ko Kyi Soe and Ko Aung Myin, I helped with one course (Mathematics of Finance & related topics) conducted byCGA (Commerce Graduate Association).
  • Uzin Kondannadhaja (“Chan Min“) was the de facto leader for the Institute of Economics Rowing teams (including former President U Htin Kyaw).
    He attended courses at UCC.
    He worked at EPC and later moved to USA.
    After retirement, U Chan Min decided to become a monk. For the transition, he asked me to be a temporary monk with him for a week (or so).
    He stays mostly at Dhammananda Vihara in Half Moon Bay, California.
    Per request from his brother Dr. Patheda Tin (NASA), Uzin spent vassa (waso retreat) at the Chan Myei Yeiktha in Springfield, Illinois.
  • Some of U Chan Min’s former classmates include U Kun Pe (brother of Dr. Nyi Nyi), U Ohn Myint, U Kyi Khin and U Ye Myint (father of Zayanda).

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