Casualties *


Ko Aung Kyaw was struck by a baton on December 20, 1938 during the third RU student boycott. He is a early casualty in the struggle for Burma’s independence. He was named “Bo Aung Kyaw”. Sparks Street was renamed as Bo Aung Kyaw Street. December 20 is known as “Bo Aung Kyaw Nay”.


Ko Harry Tan, a Seventh Student, was hit by a “stray” bullet. In 1956, there was a “leakage” of the Government Seventh Standard examination causing a protest in front .of a school in Bahan, close to Ko Harry’s house. All those who took the “Harry Tan Khun Hnit Tan” were declared to pass.


Ko Aung Khin was on his way back from RUBC (Rangoon University) to his house in Windermere Road when he was hit by a “stray” bullet. He was listed in the Government newspapers as the 17th casualty of 7th July [1962].


Ko Phone Maw was hit by a “stray” bullet on March 13, 1988. Ko Soe Naing and Ko Myint Oo were also hit and hospitalized” in not-so-humane conditions. Ko Soe Naing succumbed to the gun shot wounds. Ko Myint Oo “survived”. The “Burma Human Rights Day” and “Phone Maw and Soe Naing Nay” became milestones in Burma’s history.


From February to April 2021, 700+ innocent people were killed.

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