Aung San Stadium *

  • Burma Athletics Association (BAA) has an outdoor stadium for Athletics and Soccer.
  • Later, it had indoor stadium(s).
  • The stadium was renamed Aung San Stadium to honor Bogyoke.
  • We had to march with the Marching Band from St. Paul’s High School (SPHS) to the Aung San stadium to perform Drill as part of the “Education Day” Celebrations.
  • Dennis Stevens (brother of my classmate George Stevens) played the Big Drum.
  • Twin brothers Bo Kyi and Bo Kyi were the drummers.
  • Jerry Hin Hwa, Orlando Thein, Win Maung and Bernard Taylor played selected musical instruments.
  • The First Division Football matches are played at Aung San Stadium. The teams include Rangoon University, Burma Railways, Customs, Army, Navy and several others. The bottom teams in the League get relegated to Second Division the following year.

  • My uncle U Win Tin (GBNF) took me to watch soccer matches.
    We watched selected matches (e.g. Dunlop Trophy) and some International matches (e.g. 2nd SEAP Games).
  • The Northern and Southern Stands cost about fifty pyas, but they provided limited scope and vision. But, they have roofs.
  • Grand Stand costs about five kyats.
    It would be a rare treat to watch from the Grand Stand (especially near the center line).
  • The Open Stand opposite the Grand Stand is a good compromise for about K1.50.
    We had to carry umbrella or wear raincoat for matches during the Rainy Season.
  • The Inter State and Division (ISD) Soccer tournament was established in 1952. Shan States with Suk Bahadhur won the inaugural tournament ISD Champions. Mandalay (with Ba Pu), Tennessarim (with Ko Ko Gyi), Irrawaddy (with Hla Htay) became Contenders and/or Champions. Many players were recruited by the First Division teams and some became Burma Selected.

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