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  • World Championship
  • Davis Cup
  • Olympics
  • Grand Slam Tournaments
    Australian Open
    French Open
    US Open
  • Calendar Grand Slam Winner
    Rod Laver (as Amateur and Professional)
  • Career Grand Slam Winner

Tennis Court

  • Tennis courts are provided by RU, RIT and Sports Organizations (e.g. at Theinbyu Court).
  • Some homes have Tennis Courts and often produce good Tennis players at the University and National level.

Burma Champions

Joe Ba Maung (GBNF)

  • National Men’s Singles Champion
  • National Men’s Doubles Champion (with Than Lwin)
  • National Mixed Doubles Champion (with Ruby Kha)
  • Taught English at RIT
  • Transferred to Railways
  • Oversaw the Burma Railways Sports programs

Than Lwin

Than Lwin and other RU athletes
  • Men’s Singles Champion
    Succeeded Joe Ba Maung
  • Men’s Double Champion with Joe Ba Maung
  • Mixed Doubles Champion with Daw Mu Mu Khin
  • Represented RU and Burma at the Second SEAP Games in December 1961

Maung Maung Lay

  • Fondly known as Ah Pu Lay
  • Men’s Singles Champion
  • Men’s Double Champion with Than Htut

Other Notable Players

  • Tin Si
  • Khin Si
  • Pe Than Maung
  • Biak Cin
  • Than Htut
  • Aung Htay (GBNF)
  • Tin Aung Cho
  • Khin Maung Aye
  • Khin Maung Chone
  • Daw Ruby Kha
  • Daw Mu Mu Khin (Daphne Tha Dok)
  • Daw Aye Tin
  • Joy Hla Pe
  • Jacqueline Tun Shwe
  • Ni Ni Chone

RIT Tennis

  • Htin Myaing (A66)
  • Soe Tha (EC67)
  • Tun Kyi (M67, GBNF)
  • Kyaw Nyunt (M69, GBNF)
  • Kyaw Sint (E Tai, T70, GBNF)
    National Junior Champion in his high school days.
    University First Eleven in soccer.
  • James Than (M70)

Several sayas (Dr. Aung Gyi, U Aung Khin, U Tin Hlaing, U Tu Myint) played Tennis.


  • The US Tennis Federation sent some players (Stan Smith, Bob Lutz, …) to Burma to hold Tennis Clinics and Exhibition Matches (with selected Burmese Tennis stars).
  • Rod Laver (“Rocket”) won two “True” Grand Slams:
    First time as an Amateur
    Second time as a Professional
    Won all four Grand Slam Tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open) in the same Calendar year.
  • Some (e.g. Andre Agassi) won Career Grand Slam.
    Won the four Tournaments at different times in their career, but not in the same Calendar year.
    Pete Sampras won more tournaments than Andre Agassi, but he failed to win the French Open.
    Born Borg won Wimbledon and French Open multiple times.
  • Roger Federer currently holds the World Record for the most Grand Slam titles.
    Raf Nadal is a close second.
  • “Who is the Greatest Of All Times (GOAT)?” varies with the sports writers and players spanning several generations.

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