VB : New Year

Video Broadcast : #138
December 17, 2020


  • New Year’s Eve on December 31
    Bringing in the New Year (with celebration)
    Dropping the Ball in Times Square in New York
  • New Year on January 1
    Holiday in some countries
  • January is named as after Janus (Two faced God)
    Symbolically, one face looks back at the outgoing year and another face looks at the incoming year
  • In the early days, Burma celebrated January 1 as “Peasants’ Day
  • Later, Peasants’ Day was moved to March 2


  • Old Roman Calendar starts with March.
  • Persian New Year falls on or around March 21
    First Day of Spring” celebrations
  • Myanmar celebrates “Thingyan” on or around April 13 for three (or sometimes four) days.
    The Myanmar New Year falls Thingyan.
  • Thailand celebrated “Songkram” (equivalent of Thingyan)
  • Both words derive from Pali and Sanskrit words meaning “Change”.
  • Cula Thingyan (Small Change) occurs every month when the Sun in the Geocentric model moves to another Zodiac Sign.
  • Maha Thingyan (Big Change) occurs every year when the Sun has moved through all twelve signs.
  • The Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) around the end of January or the start of February.
  • The Vietnamese celebrate Tet (equivalent of Chinese New Year)
  • The festivities may last a week (or more)
  • Karen New Year (Kayin Hnit Ku)
  • Special events
    New Year in 2000 (to usher the New Millennium)

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