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  • January 1 is usually accepted as “New Year’s Day”.
  • Some countries celebrate it as a holiday.
  • December 31 is “New Year’s Eve”.
  • Some sing “Auld Lang Syne” to usher in the New Year.

Old Calendars

  • The old Roman Calendar has only 10 months starting with March
    So, March signified the New Year
  • Some civilizations celebrate Vernal equinox or First Day of Spring
    e.g. Persian New Year
    So, the New Year will fall around 20th – 22nd March

Lunar New Year

  • Falls around end of January or beginning of February
  • Celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese

Luni-solar New Year

  • Falls in mid-April
  • Celebrated by Burmese / Myanmar, Thai, Cambodia, Laos
  • Burmese New Year follows Thingyan (which means change)
    Maha Thingyan means Great Change (from one year to the next).
    Cula Thingyan means Small Change (from one month/yathi to another month/yathi)
  • 3 or 4 days of Thingyan (also known as Water Throwing Festival)


  • New Year of the indigenous people
    e.g. Karen New Year

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