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Video Broadcast : #090
November 14, 2020


  • Luyechun is an award presented by the Ministry of Education to selected “outstanding students“.
  • The initial program ran from 1964 to 1988.
  • A new program was established a few years back.
  • I was selected as RIT Luyechun in the summer of 1965.
  • I was invited as a Guest Speaker to the Ngapali Luyechun Camp in the summer of 1988.

Summer of 1964

  • The first Luyechun camp was opened at Ngapali in the summer of 1964.
  • It was for Luyechuns for 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th standards.

Some Luyechuns

  • Ko Win Myint (Mergui, UCC)
  • Ko Win Aung (TTC, Mech 70, RIT Swimming and Water Polo)
  • Ko Kyaw Zaw (TTC, EC72, GBNF)
  • Ma Pwint Than (Loikaw, EP71)
  • Ko Oak Soe Kha (IM1, Swimming and Water Polo)
  • Ko Aung Myint (Mdy)
  • Ko Tin Soe (Ygn, DSA, Attaché)

Summer of 1965

  • The second Luyechun camp was opened at Inlay in the summer of 1965.
  • For the first time, Luyechuns were selected for the Universities and Institutes.

Staff at Inlay Camp

  • U Aung Gyi (Maths, MASU)
  • Dr. Daw May May Yi (IM2)
  • Daw Po (Burmese)
  • Dr. Naing Tint San (Med Officer)
  • U Khin Aung
  • U Khin Maung Htwe
  • U Than Tun Aung Hlaing
  • Lu Nge Yay Yar / Youth Affairs

Some Luyechuns

  • Ma Than Than Tin (Cherry Hlaing, First in Burma in 1964, IM1)
  • Ko Khin Maung U (First in Burma in 1963, IM1)
  • Ma Anita Aye Pe (IM1)
  • Ko Kyaw Sein Koe (IM1, GBNF)
  • Ko Thein Win (IM2)
  • Ko Soe Aung / Soe Min Thein (IM2)
  • Ko Tun Naung (BDS, Stereo)
  • Ko Tin Hlaing (MASU, Le Dwin Tha Saw Chit, Literary Awards)
  • Ma Khin Aye Myint (RASU)
  • Ma Mu Mu Win (RASU)
  • Ko Min Oo (Second in Burma in 1963, RASU, Mathematics Professor in Germany and Canada)
  • Ko Ye Myint (RASU)
  • Ma Khin Aye Than (RASU, GBNF)
  • Ko / Maung Aye (RASU, Diplomat)
  • Ko Mya Than (RASU)
  • Ko Zaw Min (RIT)
  • Ko Hla Min (RIT)
  • Ma Khin Than Myint Tin (RIT)
  • Ko Sein Shwe (RIT)
  • They attended the Inlay camp together with the 10th standard Luyechuns.
    Ko Than Sit (Sagaing, Liver Foundation, GBNF)
    Ko Uttam Singh (Myitkyina, RIT, NASA)
    Ko Win Myint (Letpadan, RIT, Bogyoke / Dy Minister)
    Ko Aung Myint (Mandalay)
    Ko Aung Kyaw Nyunt (Myingyan)
    Ko Kyaw Myint (Yamethin)
    Ko Kyaw Myint (Delta)
    Ko Nelson Kaw (Taunggyi)
    Ko Thein Lwin
    Ko Hla Kyaing (Yangon)

  • There were two other camps : Rangoon Combined Camp and Ngapali Camp (for the lower classes).
  • The staff members from Lu Nge Yay Yar (Youth Affairs) were responsible for the logistics.
  • Selected sayas and sayamas took charge of the Luyechuns.
    They include Dr. May May Yi (then at IM(2), later DG of BMRI), Daw Po (later Professor of Burmese), and U Aung Gyi (MASU Maths).
  • There was a mishap when one student got injured during a “mandatory” exercise program.
  • For this and other reasons, the later Camp Commandants were chosen from Sayagyis (e.g. U Ba Toke).

Front : Than Sitt, Sein Shwe, Min Oo, Nelson Kaw, Kyaw Myint
Back : Soe Aung, Aung Kyaw Nyunt, Aung Shwe, Hla Min, U Khin Aung

Front : Than Sitt, Aung Kyaw Nyunt, Min Oo
Back : Soe Aung, Kyaw Myint, Sein Shwe, Ye Myint, Hla Min
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lyc-1.jpg
Front : Hla Min
Back : Aung Myint, Aung Kyaw Nyunt, Tin Maung Htwe, Ye Myint, Sein Shwe

  • Tekkatho Tun Naung (1st year BDS, madolin) and Ko Sein Shwe (4th BE Mech, dobat, harmonica, flute) were some of the entertainers for the Luyechun concert. U Aung Gyi (Maths, MASU) wrote the “Than Gyurt”.
  • Ko Tin Hlaing (Le Dwin Thar Saw Chit, 1st year Burmese, MASU) was a notable contributor to the daily pamphlets.
  • Some high school Luyechun students later joined RIT. They include Ko Win Myint (later Bogyoke), Ko Aung Win (later Saya), Uttam Singh (later Ph.D working at NASA), Ma Pwint Than (later EPC), …
  • The guest lecturers include Saya U Thein Han (Zawgyi), Saya Dr. Nyi Nyi, and U Thu Ta (Met and Hydro DG).
  • Trips include Lawpita Dam and selected factories and departments.


  • Htut Kwan
  • 7-time winner
  • 6-time winner
  • 2-time winner
  • Association
  • Gatherings
  • FB Group
  • Support new generation of LYC
  • Donation for prevention / treatment of COVID
  • Database of LYC
  • Active members
  • GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten)

Guest Lecturers in 1965

  • Dr. Nyi Nyi (Secretary / Dy Minister)
  • U Thu Ta (DG, Met and Hydro)
  • U Thein Han (Zawgyi)

Guest Lecturers in 1987/88

  • U Kyaw Myint (DHE)
  • U Hla Min (UCC/DCS/ICST)

Luyechun Association

  • A few years back, Luyechun (1964-1988) Association was formed.
    The association meets one or more times a year.
  • There have been Annual Dinner Gatherings.
  • It has a Facebook group.
  • There are “Then and Now” photos of some Luyechuns.
  • Some are “Hturt Kwan” (Multiple) Luyechuns.
    Some were selected Luyechun for a consecutive number of years.
    A few won the award six or seven times.
  • Some Luyechuns have passed away.
  • Dr. Kyaw Sein Koe (IM 1) passed away early.
  • H.E. U Myint Thaung and U Myint Thin (M71, RIT) are some Luyechuns who passed away recently.

Another Trip to Inlay in October 1965

  • As part of the award, one received a 50% travel discount.
  • During the October holidays in 1965, I took on the offer from Ko Aung Kyaw (Peter Pe, SPHS, star in one movie) to join him and Ko Maung Maung Aye (IM(1), GBNF) to visit his cousin doctor in Inn Paw Khone (Inlay village).
  • I visited Phaung Daw-U again with a difference (as expressed in my poem).


Phaung Daw-U, oh Burma’s grandeur
Can truly make our hearts sublime
Its mystic charm and rhymeless splendor
Have firmly stood the test of time

It lies deep in the heart of people
It gives them courage and inspiration
No wonder this festival has no equal
It promises joy and veneration

On board the Karaweik so scintillating
Stood the four images of Lord Buddha
For the Noble Truth are we vindicating?
What lies deep under the completed tour?

But one statue was left behind
Because in writings we do find
That should it ever leave the shrine
There will be thunder and storm
Thus a happy reunion on the morn of the full moon of Thadinkyut

From floating islands the leg rowers came
To take part in the race
With their muscular frame, with might and main
Their oars flashing at a rapid pace

Festivities last all night long
Dances to the company of ozi and gong
Oh, prayers that fill the cool evening air
May loving kindness prevail everywhere

Last Trip to Inlay in January 2020

  • I was invited to join the 2020 Professional Speakers Association (PSA) Tour to selected cities in Upper Myanmar.
  • Several hotels sponsored part of the tour and/or provided discount rates to the Tour group.
  • At the end of the tour, we visited Inlay.
    Two PSA sayas provided a short training course for the employees of the hotel.

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