VB : Appreciation

Video Broadcast : #
August 25, 2020


  • My father’s experience
    with a Bain Sar turned Dacoit

Pu Zaw Pwe (PZP)

  • Micro PZP
    Paying respect to Teacher Kywe, my KG teacher
  • Mini PZP
    Paying respect to Sayagyis : Dr. Chit Swe and Dr. Freddie Ba Hli
  • PZP
    By Class (e.g. 1969)
    By Group of Classes (e.g. Intake of ’64 and ’65)
  • World wide PZP
    First : SPZP-2000 (California, USA)
    Second : SPZP-2002 (Singapore)
    Third : SPZP-2004 (Yangon)
    Fourth : SPZP-2007 (Singapore)
    Fifth : SPZP-2010 (Singapore)
    Sixth : SPZP-2012 (Yangon, True Home Coming)
    Seventh : SPZP-2016 (Yangon, Free All Day, Gyogone Campus)
    SPZP-2020 (Postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic)
SPZP-2000 Organizers

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