VB : 1971

Video Broadcast : #131
December 14, 2020


  • Dr. Chit Swe (GBNF) : Founder / Director
    Also, Professor of Mathematics, RASU
  • U Soe Paing : Manager of Systems Division
    Transferred from RIT
  • U Ko Ko Lay (GBNF) : Manager of Operations Division
    Transferred from PWD
  • U Myo Min : Manager of Applications Division
    Chartered Accountant
    Systems Analyst at IBM (UK)
    Came back at the request of his mother and Saya Chit to help with the UCC Project
  • U Tun Aung Gyaw : Engineer, Systems Division
  • U Hla Min (Systems) : Engineer, Systems Division
  • U Hla Min (“Pauk Si”) : Chief Operator
  • See “Memories of UCC
  • See “UCC Sayas

RIT Graduates in 1971

  • Cho Cho Tin (Ma Sandar) : A71
    Literary Award Winning Author
    Wrote “G-Hall Thu”
    Spouse : San Maung (A)
  • Khin Maung Myint and Mai Khin Nyunt (Rosie Gyi) : both ChE71
    Members, Combined 1st BE Intake of 64 and 65
  • Saw Lin (GBNF) : C71
    Active in MES (VP and Technical Publications Manager)
    Core Organizer, SPZP-2012
    Chief Editor, Swel Daw Yeik Magazine for SPZP-2012
    Reprinted 23 (or so) RIT Annual Magazines
    Provided transportation and welcome dinner
  • Win Myint : C71
    High School Luyechun
    Brigadier General
    Dy. Minister
  • Wunna Sithu : EC71
    Rowed for Marine Youth, RIT and RUBC
    Swimming and Water Polo
  • Ma Pwint Than : EP71
    Twice High School Luyechun
    RIT EE Association
  • Myint Thin (GBNF) : M71
    RIT Luyechun
    RIT Rowing Selection (with Khin Maung Myint, Myint Than, Win Kyaw …)
    Sponsor of U Ba Than to SPZP-2007
    Friends : Myint Toe, Aung Win (Owen), Bo Bo Oo (Oscar), Soe Khine, Michael Liu, Uttam Singh
  • See “Class of 1971
  • See “Combined 1st BE Intake of 1964 and 1965

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