VB : 1969

Video Broadcast : #127
December 12, 2020

Science Scholarship (SS) Awards

  • First awarded in 1969
  • Award : K100 per month for majoring in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry
    Regular scholarship provides K75 per month
  • Applicant must gain Distinctions in the above three subjects
  • Applicant must score 90+ marks in at least one of the above

1st BE Intake in 1969

  • The majority graduated in 1975
  • Some students
    Maurice Chee (Hla Myint Thein, M75), Co-chair of SPZP-2000
    HE U Win Khaing (M75) : Past President of MES, Organizer of SPZP-2004 and SPZP-2012
    Mar Mar Yee (M75) : Minthamee, Vocalist, Master of Ceremony


  • The majority joined the first ever 2nd BE in November 1964
  • Most graduated in 1969
  • Some joined the Faculty
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    Activities, Group Photos, GBNF of 69ers
  • Memories of a 69er (by Hla Min)
  • 69er HCF
    Major donors : Daw Myint Myint (C69), U Khin Maung Oo (Ivan, M69), U Sein Myint (EP69)
    Chair : U Aung Min (M69) : provides monthly and quarterly reports

Men on the Moon

  • Apollo 11 : First Landing on the Moon
  • See Video Broadcast : #126

Fifth SEAP Games

  • Htay Aung (M69) represented Burma in Water Polo.
    U Mya Thee was the Coach
  • Six RU Belles held the Placards for the Competing Nations in the Opening Ceremony.

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