HM : SPHS (8)

  • I use SPHS to stand for Sr. Paul’s High School, Rangoon.
  • It was the second De La Salle School in Burma.
  • It produced outstanding students.
    They were mostly Top in the Matriculation examination.
    An Honor Roll lists the names of the top students from 1951 – 1963.
  • SPHS was nationalized in 1965.
  • It was renamed No. (6) Botathaung State High School.
  • Its alumni are known as Old Paulians.
    Some are active in the Old Paulians’ Association (OPA).

De La Salle Brothers

De La Salle Brothers is an Order in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Brothers take three vows:

  • Loyalty
  • Chasity
  • Celibacy

They help run the De La Schools.

De La Salle Schools in Burma

The De La Salle Brothers founded the following schools in Burma

  • St. Patrick’s High School (in Moulmein)
  • St. Paul’s High School (in Rangoon)
    Motto : Labor Omnia Vincit (Hardwork conquers everything)
  • St. Peter’s High School (in Mandalay)
  • St. Albert’s High School (in Maymyo)
  • St. Joseph’s High School (in Loikaw)
  • St. Columban’s High School (In Bhamo)
  • De La Salle School / Orphanage (in Twante)

Brother Directors

The De La Salle Schools had Directors and Sub-Directors.

I studied at St. Paul’s High School (SPHS) from 1956 to 1963.

  • Std IV D (1956 – 57)
    Brother Director : Hubert
    Class Teacher : Ms. A Benjamin
  • Std. V D (1957 – 58)
    Brother Director : Edmund
    Class Teacher : Mrs. Violet Boudville
  • Std. VI D (1958 – 59)
    Brother Director : ? (Peter)
    Class Teacher : U Pe Tin
  • Std. VII D (1959 – 60)
    Brother Director : ? (Peter)
    Class Teacher : U Nge
  • Std. VIII A (1960 – 61)
    Brother Director : ? (Felix)
    Class Teacher : Brother Anthony
  • Std. IX A (1961 – 62)
    Brother Director : ? (Felix)
    Class Teacher : Brother Xavier
  • Std. X A (1962 – 63)
    Brother Director : Hubert
    Class Teacher : Brother Austin
  • Brother Hubert was Director in 1956 -57 (my first year)
    He moved to another De La Salle school in the following year
    He was back again as Director in 1962 – 63 (my last year)
  • Brother Edmund was Director in 1957 -58.
    He was killed (knowingly or mistakenly) by Wilfred Boudville.
    The Brothers pardoned Wilfred Boudville.
  • Brother Felix and Brother Urban were Director and Sub-Director around 1960 – 62.
  • There may be more Directors (may be Brother Peter) in our days.
  • Brother Clementian retired as Brother Director
    (probably from St. Peter’s High School)
    He continued teaching Mathematics.
    He was our Mathematics teacher in Std, X A.

Class Teachers

The Class Teachers have administrative tasks (e.g. preparation of report cards). They also teach selected subjects.

  • Std. IV D : Ms. A Benjamin
  • Std. V D : Mrs. Violet Boudville
    Son : Richard G Boudville (Australia)
  • Std. VI D : U Pe Tin
    Taught us Burmese in Std. V D
  • Std. VII D : U Nge
  • Std. VIII A : Brother Anthony
  • Std. IX A : Brother Xavier
    Taught us English in Std. VIII A
  • Std X A : Brother Austin
    Also Librarian of SPHS Library

Subject Teachers

  • English
    Ms. Amelia Kyi (Miss Hong Kong) for Std. VI D and Std. VII D
    Brother Xavier for Std. VIII A and Std. IX A
    Brother Austin for Std. X A
  • Burmese
    U Sein
    U Nyunt Maung
  • Mathematics
    U Pe Tin in V D and VI D
    U Nge in VII D
    Brother Anthony in VIII A and IX A (?)
    Brother Clementian in X A
  • Physics
    Mr. Beatson
  • Chemistry
    Mr. Cecil D’Cruz
  • History & Geography
    U Htay Myint
    U Htwe


  • Some sayas taught at other schools.
    U Nyunt Maung taught at Sacred Heart High School (which is close to SPHS).
    U Htay Myint has his own Tuition classes named “Padetha”.
    U Kyaw Khin taught Mathematics for GCE classes.
  • Over the years, SPHS reassigned some sayas to teach higher classes and/or teach newer subjects.
  • Some sayas taught the same subject (e.g. English) for two sections and may be two standards.
  • Some sayas published books for use as supplementary texts.
    Saya G Chapman published notes for English texts.
    Saya U Htay Myint published notes for History.

Group photos of SPHS Sayas

  • The photos were taken at different times.
  • I do not know the names of several sayas and sayamas (especially those who did not teach us).
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sphs-teachers.jpg
The group picture shows several Brothers (including Brother Hubert, Brother Peter, Brother Gerald, Brother Felix, Brother Charles), Sayas (including U Sein, Ah Mann, Johnny Myo) and Sayamas (Amelia Kyi, Ms. Benjamin, Mrs. V Boudville).

Sayas who taught Std VIII and above

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sphs-sayas.jpg
  • Saya U Ba Yee (Burmese) did not teach us.
  • Saya U Sein (Burmese),
    Brother Austin (English and Class teacher for Std. X A),
    Brother Clementian (Mathematics),
    Saya Cecil D’Cruz (Chemistry) and
    Saya Beatson (Physics)
    were our main teachers for Std. X A.
  • Saya U Kyaw Khin (Mathematics),
    Saya Johnny Myo (Mathematics),
    Saya M. Hla Min (Mathematics and/or Physics),
    Saya U Hla Myint (Physics),
    Saya Lewis (English),
    Saya Tims (English)
    were the relieving teachers.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sphs-sayas-2-e1554782907913.jpg
  • Mr. C. D’Cruz (Chemistry)
    Taught us in X (A)
  • Mr. G. Chapman (English)
    Wrote Lecture Guides
  • U Htwe (Geography)
  • U Htay Myint (History)
    Had his private tuition school
    Wrote Lecture Guides
  • Brother Anthony (Class teacher for Std VIII A)
    Taught Mathematics
  • Saya Johnny Myo (Mathematics)
    Relieving teacher
  • U Nyunt Maung (Burmese)
    Also taught some other subjects (e.g. Geography)
  • U Kyaw Sein (Class teacher for Std. VII A)
    Brother-in-law : Saya Sein
  • Saya Beatson (Physics)
    Taught in X A

Sayas who taught Std VII

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sphs-1.jpeg
  • Brother Henry Peter and U Tun Shein did not teach us.
  • Mr. Tims was a relieving teacher for our English classes. His son Lawrence Tims and his friends Myo Nyunt and Kyaw Win (Robin Ban, second in Burma in 1961) rowed for IM(1) are old crocodiles.
  • U Kyaw Sein, U Aye, U San Thein and U Kyaw Oo were class teachers of Std. VII (A), (B), (C) and (E).
  • U Nge was our class teacher in Std. VII(D).
    Had to be carried by his former students in an early Acarayi Pu Zaw Pwe that was held by the Old Paulian Association (with Patrons from the Class of 58 and most EC members from the Class of 63).
  • U Pe Tin was our Burmese teacher in Std. V (D) and our class teacher in Std. VI (D).
    In the picture, U Pe Tin had became a class teacher of Std. VII.


Other sayas (administrative & from “other sections”) include Saya U Ba Myaing (registrar), Saya Si Bu (Physical Training), Brother Canice (who assigned me in IV Standard to help with the school library), Brother Gerald (Leader of SPHS Marching Band), Brother “Gya Bu” (who runs the SPHS Book shop), Saya U Kyaw Sein, Saya U San Thein, Saya U Aye, Saya Ah Man, Sayama Mrs. Thant Zin (mother of Norman), and Sayama Perera.

Some teachers who taught before our days include Saya Dawson (Burma Chess Champion), and Saya Illife.

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