VB : Geology

Video Broadcast : #132
December 14, 2020


  • Lawrence Dudley Stamp
    Served as Professor of Geology and Professor of Geography at Rangoon University.
  • Dr. Tha Hla
    Professor Of Geology
    Rector of Rangoon University
    Retired from UN
    Defending his protege for States Scholar
    Two incidents with Director Thar Du (Censor Board, Academy Award)
    Led students by example (Protests, Ajala)
    Equal treatment to his visitor (Pro, Anti)
    Provided drinks (whiskey …) to those who heeded his “guidelines on drinking”
  • Dr. Nyi Nyi
    Deputy Minister of Education
    Supported UCC Project
    Established the then new Education System (including some controversial issues such as ILA)
    Author (Ok Aw)
    Retired from UN
  • U Ba Than Haq
    Pro Rector, RASU
    RU Sports Council
  • Dr. Maung Thein
    Told students (e.g. Soe Myint) about applying for courses at UCC
    Invited Soe Myint and me to give lecture / seminar during the vacation at MASU
    Some sayas were not delighted with the idea
    Invited UCC to give a short course on Computers at RASU
  • U Ba Maw
    Senior Lecturer
    He and his students discovered items related to Ramapithicus
    Higher authorities “warned” him for letting a young US researcher take photos of Ramapithicus and reporting in a US magazine


  • Minor subject for early Civil Engineering students
  • Option for early Science Scholars
  • Diploma in Applied Geology (DAG)
  • Specialization in Gems
  • NASA astronauts (especially for the Lunar Missions) had to study Geology
  • Apollo 17 had Dr. H Schmidt (Geologist/ Astronaut, later became a US Senator)

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