Footballers *

Feedback by U Aye (M62, HIC/FAO/UN (Retired))

Burma Selected

  • Aung Khin (RU, Scored winning goal in Asian Games)
  • Aye Maung [Gyi] (Construction)
  • Aye Maung [Lay] (Air Force)
  • Ba Pu
  • Gale (Goalkeeper)
  • Gwan Shein (SPED)
  • Hla Htay (Irrawaddy, Customs)
  • Hla Maung (Goalkeeper, Army)
  • Hla Tin (Kee)
  • Htoo War
  • John Tint (Khin Maung Myint, RIT, RU)
  • Kenneth Shein (RU, Railways)
  • Khin Maung Tun (Goalkeeper, Asian Star)
  • Ko Ko Gyi (Tenessarim, Customs)
  • Kyaw Min (Goalkeeper turned forward)
  • Kyaw Htin (RIT, RU, Construction)
  • Maung Maung (Navy, Asian Star)
  • Maung Maung (RU)
  • Maung Maung (Gary, RU, SAMB)
  • Nay Win (Collegian, Best Player Award)
  • Pe Khin
  • Robert Yin Gyaw
  • Saw Mya Zin (Goalkeeper, SAMB)
  • Saw Thaung Tin (Auro, Goalkeeper)
  • Soe Myint (Tenessarim, RU)
  • Soe Myint Lwin (RIT, RU, EPC)
  • Suk Bahadhur (Burma Team Captain, Asian Star)
  • Than Soe (Suttee)
  • Tin Aung (Goalkeeper, Asian Star)
  • Tin Aung Moe
  • Tin Han (Railways)
  • Tin Kyi
  • Tun Kyi (Engineering, RU, Railways)
  • Tun Wain (Tenessarim, Customs)
  • Vernon Stiles (Tin Tun , Army)
No description available.
1961 Tennasserim division football team.
Aung Khin (4th from left), Soe Myint (6th from left) standing. They were from Moulmein College. Later both of them played for RU and Burma selected team.

RU First Eleven Football Team

Photos provided by Pearl Shein (Pale Shein, M.Sc. Computer Science)
In memory of her father Kenneth Shein

  • Won the Senior Second Division in 1953 – 54
  • Team Captain : Tun Kyi
  • Members include Collegian Nay Win, Jimmy Sein and Kenneth Shein
  • Kenneth Shein played for Rangoon University, Railways and Burma Selected.
    He served as Chief Transportation Officer.
    Sadly passed away in 1987.
  • Kenneth Shein has five children.
    Khine Min Shein and Nilar Shein live in Yangon.
  • Kathleen Shein (Kenneth’s spouse) live in Singapore with Pearl Shein (Pale Shein), Yadana Shein and Nyan Min Shein.

U Aye (M62, HIC/FAO/UN (Retired)) wrote :

Ko Ko Gyi and Tun Wain were former Tenasserim division players.

Ko Ko Gyi was from St. Patrick’s HS. He was one year junior to me. He left school when he was offered a job
at the Customs, to play for Customs football club.

Tun Wain and we attended Moulmein college together in 1956-57. He left the college to join Customs and played for Customs football team.

Apart from the above list, some Prominent/Burma selected footballers in the early 1950s.


  • Ba Shwe (Col)
  • Ba Kyu
  • Tin Thaung
  • Kyaw Thaung
  • David Kyaw Zan (Former Tenasserim div. Player)
  • Tin Kyi
  • Hla Maung, goalkeeper


  • Robert Yin Kyaw (Former Tenasserim div, Captain)
  • Maung Aung (Former Tenasserim player)
  • Samuel (forward)
  • Aukim (Goalkeeper)
  • Jimmy Innes ( St Patrick’s HS, Moulmein).
    He played in St. Patrick’s HS team with Jimmy Sein (U Tint Swe),of the victorious Prome Hall football team,


  • Saw Mya Zin, goal keeper
  • Chan Sein

The following footballers also played for RU First Eleven. (in different times)

  • Khin Pe Gyi
  • Goal keeper Than Shwe
    (before B. Singh arrived)
  • Nyi Nyi Lwin
    Joined Navy after graduation later
    Worked in Dept.of Fisheries as Dy. DG
  • Maung Pyone (from Mandalay Hall)
    A good volleyball player, he played for Pyapon District.
    Joined Army after graduation.
  • Kyi Gwan (from Mandalay Hall)
    He was from Dawei.
  • Ngwe Gaing (from Sagaing Hall)
    He was a Burma selected Youth team.
    He was from Morton Lane Judson HS, Moulmein.

Inter State and Division – 1952.

The final match was played between Shan State and Sagaing Division. Shan State was led by Suk Bahadur, Bahadur Lama and another Bahadur. Sagaing Division had an excellent goalkeeper Pho Tha Bay. Many deadly shots from the Shan State were saved by Pho Tha Bay. Shan State won the shield after narrowly beat the Sagaing division. Suk Bahadur was recruited by the Army team and became a legend. Two other Bahadurs and Pho Tha Bay faded out.

Tenasserim division was third, (If I remember correctly).

Football World Cup

In 1958 World Cup football tournament, in the final, Brazil played against Sweden. Brazil won by 5-2. In the Brazilian team were Pele, Garincha, Vava and Didi.

Pele, Garincha and Vava continued to play for Brazil in1962 in which Brazil won again, against Czechoslovakia 3-1.

After the world cup in 1958, Didi joined Real Madrid. Although successful, he stayed for only one season. According to the news he had a difficult relation with Di Stefino, the main striker and popular player of Real Madrid.

Prominent Tenessarim football players in the early fifties

  • Maung Tin (goalkeeper) from Moulmein
  • B. Singh (goalkeeper) from St.Patrick’s HS, Moulmein.
    Became RU goalkeeper. He was my classmate at St. Patrick’s High School
  • Maung Aung (left back) was recruited by Customs FC.
    He was from Dawei.
  • Lun Tin (right back) was from Dawei
  • Pway Ain (Htay Aung), R back.
    Former RU first XI team member.
    After graduation, he went back to Moulmein, played for a local team.
    Selected to represent Tenasserim Division, but he declined.
  • Robin L back
  • Hoke Yee (L Half), later became Captain of the Tenasserim division football team.
  • Robert Yin Kyaw, Captain of the Tenasserim division.
    Recruited by the Customs FC,
    Played for Burma selected team.
  • Aung Myint from Dawei
  • Yakun, from Dawei
  • Ko Ko Gyi, forward, from St. Patrick’s HS, Moulmein.
    He was one year junior to me at St. Pat.
    After his success in Tenasserim division team, he was recruited by Customs FC, became a Burma selected footballer.
    Played alongside with Bahadur, became a legend.
  • Saw Ke, right winger, from Moulmein.
  • Dupalee from Moulmein.
  • David Kyaw Zan, recruited by Army team,
    Played in Yangon first division.
  • Tun Wain
    After his success in Tenasserim football team, he was recruited by the Customs FC.
    He was my classmate at Moulmein college.

Some of the Tenasserim selected players were from SE Command, in Moulmein.

  • San Ko Win (forward)
  • Marlan (forward)
  • David Kyaw Zan (left winger), later played with Army team jn first division.

RU footballers

“Five goals Soe Myint” (as he is well known) was a RU selected footballer. He got five goals against the Navy team. He was from Inwa Hall and a good volleyball player, and played as a setter.

Saw Biosonny was a close friend and roommate of Mg Pyone , RU footballer. Biosonny later became a RU goalkeeper together with B.Singh. He was a good volleyball player. He and Mg Pyone played for Pyapon district team.

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