VB : 1954 and 1955

Video Broadcast : #115
December 6, 2020

Matriculation in 1954

Koon Yin Chu (Phillip, SPHS, A60)

  • First in Burma in 1954
  • First in Architecture in 1960
  • California, USA

RUBC in 1954

Senior Novice Winners at RUBC Regatta

  • SPHS Crew
  • Sao Hso Holm / Sawbwalay (Bow)
  • Than Nyun / George Nyun (2)
  • M. Hla Min / Moosaji (3)
  • Tun Shein / Willie Saing (Stroke)
  • Tin Htut (Cox)
  • Sao Hso Holm succeeded his father Arzani Sao San Htun as Sawbwa of Mong Pawn.
    He received First Class Honors in English and Law degrees.
    Both (he and spouse) are Authors.
    Retired from UN and moved to Australia.
  • Dr. Than Nyun retired as Minister.
    RUBC Captain and Gold,
    Patron of YUBC OMA.
  • Saya “Moosaji” taught Physics and/or Mathematics at SPHS.
    RUBC Gold.
  • U “Willie” became Gold quite early.
    Also excellent at Sculls.
  • U Tin Htut won Sir Arthur’s Pewter Trophy for Senior Novices twice : as a rower (in 1953) and as a cox (in 1954).
    RUBC Captain and Gold
    Co-founder, BASES
    Financial Controller, 2015 RIT Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles

Matriculation in 1955

  • Lily Hwang (MEHS) stood First in Burma
    Sister : Sayama Daw Tin Tin Maw (Ch)
  • To the surprise of teachers and parents, several Top Students from SPHS failed in English.
  • Unsolved Mystery.
  • They went on to have brilliant careers with postgraduate degrees from prestigious universities in USA.

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