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RU : Centennial (3)

RU Pre-Centennial and Tazaungdine

  • For a moment, many “forgot” the requests for “Social Distancing” and visited the brightly lit main RU campus and cherish fond memories of their youth.
    There were medical staff to check the temperature of the attendees, to remind the use of masks and even ambulance cars.
  • A few cautious people waited till the next morning to visit the RU Landmarks and take photos.
  • Some listened to dhamma talks (e.g Tha Myin Nya Phala / Merits of being a monk) on the Full Moon Day of Tazaungmon (also known as Thazaungdine).
  • It is the end of the period for offering Kathein Robes.
  • A few oldies reminisced the Cartoon Exhibits, Zat, Ah Nyeint and variety of performances.
  • Law Department was part of RU when it opened on December 1920. The alumni celebrated the Centennial around March 2020 (before the “stay at home” requests due to the pandemic).
  • Many celebrations are online / virtual or downsized.


  • Are the celebrations for oldies and not so young to share their memories — good and bad, joyful and sad?
  • Some wanted to perform Dana and share merits with the fallen students (including those hit by “stray” bullets).
  • Some readers asked if the FB group will still be open and active after the Centennial Celebrations.
  • Pros and cons of rebuilding the Students Union
  • Whether Another Grand Celebration will take place when the pandemic is over

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