Doctor and Patient (NBZ) *

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Loose rendition of an article by my spouse

In Burma, our beloved land, we treasure “Say Mee Toh” (Quick remedy). In fact, our forebears used easily available fruits, flowers, and leaves as traditional medicine. Some are taken raw, some are prepared according to a recipe.

Doctor turned Patient

I did private practice at Barr Street (Maha Bandoola Pann Chan Lann). There are several clinics and hospitals nearby. It is close to 35th Street which is frequently by the members of Yoke Shin Law Ka (Movie Community).

For a few months, I served as a doctor at the Waziya Pyazat Yone (Theater for live performances). One day, I abruptly fell sick after being caught in the heavy rain. Thankfully, the Theater staff (who were my patients) gave me medicine. For a moment, the patients had treated their doctor. I will always remember and treasure their kind acts.


Some doctors give medical advice to patients, but find it hard to take care of themselves. With sunglasses on, they will advice their patients to quit drinking and smoking and not to chew betel.

They may drink claiming for example that “a glass of wine is good for the blood circulation”. I did not refuse when iNapa Winery gave me a bottle of Premium Wine for my birthday.

Mother and My In-laws

My mother passed away in August several years ago. She was 87. I still remember her preparing “Kun Ywet Pyoat Yay” for me.

My father-in-law who learned indigenous medicine from Kadok Sayagyi (his life saver) and my mother-in-law had a cabinet of Western and Eastern medicine. They also treated me at times.

A million thanks.

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