HM : Early Faculty Members

The early Engineering departments have
(a) Professor
(b) Lecturers
(c) Assistant Lecturer

The then new Education System created
(d) Instructor(s)

The newer Education System created
(e) Associate Professor (s)

Typical pay scales in the early days are

Professor : 1300+ Kyats

Lecturer : 800 – 50 – 1200 Kyats
for minimum, annual increment and maximum

Assistant Lecturer : 350 (and CLA) – 25 -700 Kyats
and CLA (Cost of Living Allowance) was 89 Kyats (or so)
The “adjusted” pay was 439 Kyats (or so)
The CLA was later dropped.
So, AL : 450 – 25 – 700 Kyats

Instructor : 450 – 25 – 700 Kyats
The pay scale is the same as AL
It takes longer to become a Lecturer

Some terminology

Selection Grade :
Those who earn 800+ Kyats
Entitled to buy 10% of salary at “Staff Shop”

Gazetted Officer :
Those who earn 350 (and CLA) or higher
450 (Base Pay) in the newer system
Promotion, deputation, transfer, leave … are published
in the [Burma] Gazette

Head of Department :
Large departments are headed by a Professor
Sub-departments are headed by a Lecturer
Supporting departments may be headed by an AL

Demonstrator / Tutor :
Early days : 200 (and CLA) => 297 Kyats (or so)
Later : 320 Scale
Supervises lab and/or tutorials

Ad hoc Tutor :
Early days : 100+ Kyats

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