GBNF : Textile Engg Sayas

U Maung Maung Than

  • Studied BS at Clemson University and MS at Lowell in the USA
  • He joined BIT in 1957 as lecturer -Head of Textile Engineering Department at BOC college
  • 1964 was appointed Professor at RIT
  • Served as Rector, 1990-1992
  • Director General of The Department of Higher Education 1992-1994 and retired
  • Served as Director of Studies at DSTA (Defense Services Technical Academy)
  • Chair, RIT Sports Council
  • Hobbies : Chinlon, Golf, Music

Daw Tin Tin Ohn

  • Also known as Amy Thwin
  • One of the pioneering female students at BIT
  • Sayama in 1961
  • Passed away in the mid-1990s of cancer

Dr. Julie Han

  • One of the pioneering female students at BIT
  • Sayama in 1961
  • Vice President (TBSA) and Fund raiser for Dhammananda Vihara
  • Attended SPZP-2000 and provided brief bio
  • Passed away in the USA

U Shwe Yi

  • Taught at RIT until retirement.
  • Met Saya’s daughter-in-law (Guest speaker at the San Francisco Bay Area Literary Talks)

U Hla Shwe

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hla-shwe-1.jpg
U Hla Shwe
  • Saya in 1969
  • Taught at RIT until retirement
  • His demise is lamented in “To the Shwe Duo”
    Poem by Tekkatho Moe War, Translation by Hla Min


  • Need info

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