Gone But Not Forgotten

GBNF : Part time Sayas

U Than Lwin (Eric)

  • In the early days, the faculty members of Social Science
    served as Visiting Lecturers at BIT/RIT
  • Saya was Lecturer of Economics and the Librarian of Social Science Library.
    Taught Economics to the engineering students at BIT.

U Maung Maung

  • Research Engineer with UBARI
  • Taught part-time to engineering students.

U Aye (M62, HIC/FAO/UN (Retired)) wrote :

U Than Lwin was our Economics lecturer during our Third year Engg. class (Old system) in 1960-61.

Part-time lecturers during 1961-62 include :

  • U Kyaw Hla, Manager, (M54), M.Engg (McGill), Manager, PEI 2, Ministry of Industry, our part-time lecturer for Theory of Machines.
  • U Kyaw Kyaw Thein, Architect, a graduate from Leeds, UK, from U Kyaw Kyaw Thein & Associates, Pansodan Street, was our par-time lecturer for Hydraulics.
  • Our Industrial Management lecturer was from the Institute of Economics.
  • Note : During 1961-62 academic year, our lecturer Mr. Johnny King (U Ko Ko Gyi) resigned to go abroad and our Russian Professor passed away.

Part time lecturer on Mechanized Construction

U Hla Shein (M60)
Dy, Director, Mechanized Construction (Retired)
Went to Manchester, UK, for further study/training

Editor’s Notes :

  • There were connections between BIT/RIT and UBARI.
    Some who went for further studies on UBARI scholarship [later] joined BIT/RIT as full-time or part-time sayas.
  • Saya U Tin Htut (M60) was the first engineering saya to teach “Industrial Management”.
    In the early days, the Departments of Economics and Commerce (from the Faculty of Social Science, and later Institute of Economics) taught “Industrial Management”.
    They include Saya U Thein Aung and Saya U Tin Nyunt
  • Electrical Inspectorate and EPC provided Visiting Lecturers to the Electrical Engineering Department.
  • Engineers from Irrigation and Municipal taught part-time in Civil Engineering.
  • Some artists (e.g. Bagyee Aung Soe) taught part time in Architecture.
  • There are other subjects (e.g. Sociology) that are taught by part-time sayas and visiting lecturers.

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