GBNF : Aung Thu Yein (EC69)

  • My classmate from SPHS and RIT
  • Known as Brownie Way
  • Younger brother of Dr. Thet Htar Way

Brownie (Standing second from right)

St. Paul’s High School (SPHS)

  • We were classmates in Standards VIII(A), IX(A) and X(A).
    In the prior classes, he was in Section (C) and I was in Section (D).
  • He stood 13th in the whole of Burma in the Matriculation examination in 1963.
  • He was one of the ten collegiate scholarship holders from SPHS 63.
    Only forty (out of the total 100 scholarship awards) were given to the students from private schools.
  • SPHS had five in the Top Five, seven in the Top Ten, and ten in the top Twenty.
    Khin Maung U (1st), Min Oo (2nd), Myo San (Freddie, 3rd), Nyunt Wai (Victor, 4th), Thein Wai (5th), Hla Min (7th), Aung Kyaw Zaw (Johnny, 9th), Maung Maung Kyi (11th), Aung Thu Yein (Brownie, 13th), Khin Maung Zaw (Frank, 17th).
  • He has a soft heart.
    Before the Matriculation examination, he read several subjects to Ko Nyunt Wai (Victor), who was sick and could not study.
    Brownie can take some credit for Victor’s success.
    Victor stood Fourth in Burma and later medical professor in IM and Malaysia.

Dr. Nyunt Wai wrote :

Being my best friend since standard IV, I could write volumes about him. For now only two points: (1) my friend was called “ANyo”(Brownie) because he had much darker complexion compared with his elder brother (very fair complexion); this contrast repeated in the case of his two sons; (2) the brown brothers passed away years ahead of their fairer counterparts.

University Days

  • We attended the last ever I.Sc.(A) at Leik Khone in 1963.
    We took the Science Option.
  • After a long closure citing “Security Concerns” following the July 7th Anniversary, a new Education System was established in November 1964.
  • We were admitted to the first ever 2nd BE at the Gyogone Campus.
  • We chose Electrical Engineering as major and the EC (Electrical Communications) option.
  • Brownie learned to smoke — trying to fend off mosquitoes in the RIT rest rooms.
  • Brownie learned social drinking with his classmates (Ko “Robert” Win Bo, …) after the last paper of the RIT final exam.

After Graduation

  • Brownie was one of the 11 graduates in EC 69.
    One classmate unfortunately stayed behind and graduated the following year.
  • He had a successful career at MOC/Schlumberger, and several foreign assignments.
  • Unfortunately, Brownie became a heavy smoker and drinker [at times].
  • He felt lonely after the loss of his spouse and his eldest son.
  • He had several minor and not-so-minor health problems.
  • He had quit drinking and smoking for some time, but he still felt the urge.

Last Meeting

  • In March 2012, I visited Yangon to take part in preparations for SPZP-2012 (scheduled for December).
  • Ko Zaw Lai came to see me.
    We then decided to surprise Brownie.
    Brownie trusted people. He would not lock his house. In fact, he just closed the gate without locking to board Ko Zaw Lai’s car.
    Ko Zaw Lai coaxed Brownie to take a couple of drinks.
  • That dinner at Ko Zaw Lai’s apartment unknowing had turned into a farewell to me and his other friends.
  • Brownie did not show up at the 69er gathering at Royal Rose.
    Some who had not attended previous breakfast gatherings showed up.
    The joy was cut short, as we learned that Brownie was in ICU and that the 69er Health Care Fund organizers would go there to see him.
  • Ko Kyaw Zin took us (Ko Win Lwin, Ko Khin Maung Bo, …) to the ICU.
    Brownie’s son, who is a medical doctor, said that Brownie was not ready for [another] operation.
    We left with samvegha that he could very well be No 61 (on Ko Aung Min’s GBNF list).
    Ko Win Lwin told me to meditate and also “do something for yourself”.
  • I spent several days at the Kaba Aye Sun Lun Gu Kyaung as a temporary monk. Sayadaw U Wara (ChE 70) was my preceptor.
  • During that period, Brownie did not regain unconsciousness and succumbed.
  • My 69er friends notified Brownie’s demise to my siblings, but requested not to notify me at the monastery.did not notify me.
    They do not want to disrupt my meditation practice.

May Brownie be able to share my merits.

Ah Hmya, ah hmya, ah hmya.

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