A - E

HM : “Boy” Dr. Khin Tun (Peter)

  • Ma Cherry is an expert in nutrition and cooking.
  • Peter appreciates his mother’s hobby and the birthday parties.
  • Peter shared recipes that he learned from his relatives (including my father, aunts and a grand aunt) in his Facebook pages.
  • Peter complained to his grand mother and his aunt (Ma Cho) that his younger sister Aye Aye Khin would call him “Peter” and not “Ko Ko”.
  • It took some time before Aye Aye learned to call Peter “Ko Ko”.
  • Ye Myint (Maung Maung) would enter U Tin U’s family as the youngest child.
  • Peter would have some younger cousins including Tin Tin Hlaing and Thar Hlaing.

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