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Diary, journal, log, blog (web log) … are ways and means to record one’s experience and thoughts.

Blogging is fun. One can just write down one’s thoughts without caring for academic integrity or historical precision. One does not have to write comprehensive reports. Several readers (mostly SMEs or Subject Matter Experts) point out errors (typos, discrepancies).

Not all media and social media are created equal. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, Facebook is a great way to get connected and reconnected (with long lost friends), but it requires time and energy to navigate the “rolling” and “revolving” posts.

I blog in my Facebook page and then share it with one or more FB pages (mainly “RIT Update”). As time and energy permit, I archive the Trivia along with the relevant feedback to my website hlamin.com

One does not need an account to read my Trivia on my website.

If you search “Hla Min” on the web, it will return (a) a former colonel (b) a former minister (c) an educator (d) some medical tests & results on HLA (e) some of my works

If you specify “RIT” or “TBSA”, the search engine will return my writings in the Newsletters. (If you go to “Google Books”, then you can find my articles for “Encyclopedia of Asian American Folklore and Folklife”.

As Dr. Nyunt Wai commented, it is a necessary, important and time consuming step to transform my raw materials into a form presentable as an e-book or printed book. I need volunteers to realize my dream and wishes (of an amateur historian, story teller and life long learner) before my reasonably good memory starts to fade away.

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