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HM : Bedin

Some claim that Bedin (Astrology) is a pseudo-science.

My father’s experience

My father sent his assistant to Dat Pone Zon Aung Min Gaung Pagoda to see a Bedin Saya (who was visiting the Pagoda).

The assistant showed the Bedin Saya a zartar (Natal horoscope) of my father.

The Bedin Saya said, “The spouse of the Zartar’s owner is pregnant. She will give birth to a boy on a specified day of week. The boy will be known for his Pyin Nar Ye.”

The assistant was surprised. He did not know that my mother was pregnant at that time.

Was it an educated guess? Or a random prediction?

Probability and Statistics give

  • a low probability in guessing if someone is pregnant (without a medical test)
  • a 50 – 50 chance on guessing the gender correctly
  • one in seven chance on guessing the Day of Week correctly
  • a low probability in guessing one’s strength and occupation correctly.

Despite the long odds, the prediction was correct on all counts.

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