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HM : Autograph

  • Some famous people are asked to sign autographs.
    Athletes sign on sneakers, balls, bats, T-shirts.
    Keynote speakers sign on the program sheet.
  • Attended lectures at the Computer History Museum and asked for autographs.
    Posted some of them in my posts.
  • During our younger days, we carry small books known as autograph. Some friends just signed their names.
  • Others wrote or quote verses.

Example (1) :
I wish to be a China cup
in which you drink your tea
And every time you take a sip
It’ll be a kiss for me

Example (2) :
Seasons may come. Seasons may go.
Flowers will wither in due course, you know.
But there is something as fresh as dew.
That is the love and affection I’ll always have for you.

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