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HM : TED and TEDx Talks

TED Talks

  • TED Talks started 30+ years ago.
  • In the beginning, the talks were mainly about
    (a) Technology
    (b) Entertainment
    (c) Design
  • The talks now cover a much broader scope.
  • Each talk cover lasts around 18 minutes.
  • The videos can be found on TEDTalks.org and YouTube.

TEDx Talks

TEDx Talks are similar to TED talks, but they are organized by regional and local organizations.

Daw Thin Thiri Mon is the daughter of Dat Pone Sann Aung (RUBC Gold, M74) and Dr. Anna Myint. She is the niece of Sayama Daw Tin Tin Myint (Emma Myint, ChE70). She is a co-organizer of several TEDx Talks in Yangon.

In a TEDx Talk, U Nay Oke Tint (St. Paul’s) gave a talk about two Burmese Poets from the “Khit San Sar Pay” era. One was his beloved mother Daw Khin Saw Mu. The other was Minthuwun (Saya U Wun). They were students of Saya U Pe Maung Tin (Pali Scholar who proposed to establish a separate Burmese Department at the University of Rangoon). U Nay Oke gave the background of the short story “Bagyi Aung Nyar De” by Saya U Wun (Minthuwun). He remarked that the true story should be visited since it led to the emergence of Myanmar Kabyar, and all the main characters alluded in the story — ICS U Tin Tut, ICS U Ba Tint, Minthuwun and Daw Khin Saw Mu — have passed away.

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