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HM : Story telling

I remember a friend telling a story from the Jataka Tales. It started with

One day

Lay Gyi Moe Gyi Kya

Maha Za Net Ka

Thinn Baw Paw ka

Khone Cha.


seven days later

Mei Kha Lar

come and save

To the

Kyauk Phyar

Loose rendition

One day [there was turbulence in the high sea]

Forceful winds & Heavy rain

Maha Janaka

from [the upper deck of the troubled ship]

dived into the ocean

A week later [seeing Janaka raging against the rough weather]

Ma Ni Mei Kha Lar

[ a guardian deity]

came [and offered] to

save him

[Janaka later found himself]

on a stone “bed”

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