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HM : Senior

At SPHS, the athletes are classified based on height as

  • Senior
  • Junior
  • Junior Junior
  • Midget

In Medical school, the lower classes are called 1st MBBS Junior and 1st MBBS Senior.

At RUBC, the Novices competition end with Senior Novices and Junior Novices. In the early years, the winners of Senior Novices event were given a brooch as a bragging right.

At “Thet Kyee Pu Zaw Pwe”, a Senior may be 70 – 80 years old (depending on the sponsors and funding). e.g. 70+ for UCC sayas and sayamas

U Tin Htut (Harry, Mon Yu) was not eligible for the “Sar Yay Saya PU Zaw Pwe) because he has not turned 80.

In most countries, Senior Citizens are provided some benefits and assistance.

In the USA, there are several definitions of “Senior”.

  • The government usually considers 65+ year olds as Senior.
  • Some shops and restaurants might lower the bar to 60+
  • Some “Senior Centers” and AARP accept 50+
  • For marketing purpose, it is preferable to have Seniors who are not too old that can participate in their programs.

For bus (and may be light rail in some counties), a Senior pays

  • One dollar for one way
  • 3$ for one day
  • 30$ for one month
  • 330$ for one year

Some have Sr. as a suffix in their name. e.g. Thomas J Watson Sr.

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