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HM : Scale & Order of Magnitude

  • The mode of operation and the associated tools change with the Order of Magnitude.
  • There is a change in an order of magnitude when a number (or measure) is multiplied by ten.
  • The following are examples of the mode of transportation with the change in order of magnitude.
    An average person can walk 4+ mph (miles per hour).
    An average car can be driven 40+ mph.
    An air plane can be flown 400+ mph.
  • Modern Physics evolved from Classical Physics to handle the vast range of speed and size.
  • Newtonian Mechanics holds when objects move at a relatively low speed (compared to that of light).
  • Relativity comes into play when objects move at a speed closer to that of light.
  • The size of an object can span several orders of magnitude.
  • [Per Dr. Kyaw Tint} ; When they become small Quantum Mechanics can only describe their behaviors.

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