Safety *


  • Most countries have a Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • They perform tests before certifying if a food or drug is safe to take.


  • Some departments to monitor if tap water is safe to drink.
  • Some check if the claims for the “bottled water” are true.


Over the years, I have read “recall” notices.

  • Beef and chicken products that are contaminated
  • Pickled tea leaves that have been prepared using “unsafe” dyes and chemicals
  • Toys that are unsafe for children


  • During a visit to Yangon, a friend took me to his favorite restaurant. He handed to the Chef the oil bottle that he had brought from home to be used in preparing the dishes.
  • May be our immune system has degraded over time.
  • May be commercial greed has overtaken the health concerns.
  • I hope that there are no malpractices in the preparation of food (e.g. ah thoke, ah kyaw, …).

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