HM : National Foreign Language Center

  • There is a NFLC (National Foreign Language Center) at the University of Maryland (College Park), USA.
  • It used to provide free (or limited) access to Federal employees and eligible educators to study languages (e.g. French, Chinese, Arabic).
  • For a number of years, it chose from among the languages used by minorities to add introductory level courses to its library.
  • One year NFLC chose to develop listening and reading comprehension for basic Burmese.
    NFLC sent request to Burmese associations to help with the project.
  • I was accepted as the Language Advisor for the Burmese project.
  • The listening comprehension consists of broadcasts (e.g. “Win Pe Lwai Eik”).
  • The reading comprehension consists of short articles (e.g. Ayotha Pyinnya Wun U Po Kyar).
  • Specific fonts and browsers were needed to read the script for the Listening and Reading Comprehension.
  • An English translation is provided.
    My task was to ensure the quality (e.g. correctness of the translation)
  • Exercises were provided
  • As a contributor to the project, I had access to LangNet
  • NLC no longer offers free access.
    Individuals and groups can subscribe to NFLC’s courses for nominal fees.

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