HM : Intelligence


  • Human Intelligence
  • Animal Intelligence
  • Machine Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Military Intelligence
  • Counter-Intelligence


  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was introduced by researchers such as Terman.
  • Mensa Society requires a high IQ to be a member.
  • A study claims that beyond a certain IQ, there is not much correlation between “creativity” and “high IQ”.
  • Other Quotients (e.g. Emotional Quotient) are being proposed to complement/supplement IQ.


  • One definition of Intelligence is “the ability to create new tools from existing ones”.”
  • Variations include “the ability to find new ways of using old tools.”

Turing Tests

There is a classic “Turing Test” to determine if a machine (e.g. computer) is intelligent enough to “fool” the human experimenters.

There are “scoped” Turing Tests to determine if a machine is “on par” with humans in a specified domain.


With advances in Artificial Intelligence, machines can help solve complex problems.

“Can machines really think?” is a hard question to answer (at least for the near future).

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