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HM : Color

  • There is a spectrum of colors.
  • Selected points are given labels.
  • The mnemonics “VIBGYOR” stand for the colors of a rainbow : Violet, Indigo, Blue,Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.
  • Ultra-violet and Infra-red are extensions of the visible scope.
    Special equipment is needed to see and use them.

Traffic Lights

  • Traffic lights use three colors : Red, Yellow (or Amber) and Red.
  • A friend, who is Color Blind, drives by recognizing which position is e being On.
  • One night, with the electricity cut off, the traffic police used two colored “Ye Khe Chaung” lights. He could not decide whether to stop or go.

Color Coding

  • The early resistors were color coded.
  • Some engineers, who are Color Blind, had to use meters to determine the values.
  • “If there is a will, there is a way.”

Color Models

  • Using over simplification, some say “White is the presence of all colors. Black is the absence. ”
  • The early TVs and cameras use the Additive (or Positive) Color Model (also known as RGB). Red, Green and Blue are known as the Primary colors. An arbitrary color can be derived from the three Primary colors.
  • The early printing presses use the Subtractive Color Model (also known as CYMB). Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black are the Primary colors.
  • There are alternative ways to model color. One technique uses Hue and Saturation.

[Per Dr. Kyaw Tint] : We use RGB sub-pixels to form a tiny pixel of flat panel display. Pixel sizes that are unresolvable by naked eyes are in the so called Retina Display screens.

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