UCC Sayas

UCC : Systems Division

  • U Aung Zaw
  • Dr. Maung Maung Htay
  • Dr. Rafil Ahad
  • U Soe Myint
  • U Than Lwin

U Aung Zaw

U Aung Zaw was born in Bogale. He is also known as Yebaw Gyi and Saya Zaw.

He is a nephew of Bogale U Kywe (a renowned palmist, GBNF), who both predicted the successful careers of Saya Chit (Dr. Chit Swe), and Bo Htay (Dr. Maung Maung Htay).

He met his soul mate Daw Nan Tint Tint We (Ma Kyawt) at Pathein [Bassein] College. He joined the Department of Mathematics, RASU.

One day, Saya Chit asked him if he would like to join UCC. If Saya Zaw remained in the Mathematics Department, he would have a chance to do Ph.D. As for UCC, Saya Zaw would learn new technology, but a Ph.D is not guaranteed.

Saya Zaw studied Masters in Computer Science at Southampton University along with Saya Paing (U Soe Paing) who would do double-duty as a mentor. The Department Head was Professor D. W. Barron, who worked for the Computer Pioneer Maurice V. Wilkes at CUML (Cambridge University Mathematical Laboratory, later CU Computing Lab) and also wrote a CS monograph.

Upon return to Burma, Saya Zaw taught M.Sc . and DAC courses. He is one of the “sayas of UCC sayas”.

He led the Systems Programming team (managed by Saya Paing).

He had training at UCSC to have an in-depth knowledge of Unix.

Saya Paing, Saya Zaw and I wrote several Guide books and Publications used at UCC.

Life After UCC

He transferred to CSO Department (which had installed an IBM computer). He went for IBM Training in Thailand.

After retirement from CSO, he tried to find a new career and life overseas. He cared a lot about his children and their future.

He was met in Bangkok by U Myint Oo (DAC, Co-op), who took him to ABAC (also known as Assumption University). U Myint Oo requested the Brother Director (Principal) and his staff to interview Saya Zaw. To Saya Zaw’s surprise, he was offered a job to start that very day.

His first assignment was to teach Pascal (a language designed by Nicklaus Wirth ). He mentioned that he used the “Pascal Programming Guide” prepared by me at UCC.

His next stop was Sydney, Australia. He continued teaching at a University until his health conditions “worsened”.

True Love Story

Saya Zaw experienced a “True Love Story” about five years ago. He found out that both his kidneys were not good, but one was bad enough to need a transplant.

Saya tried to get a donor for kidney. His beloved spouse offered to donate her kidney as a sign of unwavering love, companionship and trust. Tears of joy fell from Saya’s eyes.

The kidney transplant was successful, but he still have to face some side effects

The details are provide in his first book “Bawa and Dhamma”.

Knowledge Sharing

Saya Zaw wrote two books. He wanted to share his life experience, poems, satires & articles, and the Dhamma discussions (weekly discussions with seniors including Saya Chit). He compiled them into a book called ” Bawa And Dhamma “.

Another book was written for his grandchildren and covers the culture and religious teachings. Saya said, “It does not matter if they choose to profess another religion or belief. It matters that they should know their heritage and culture before making life decisions”. The book contains some chapters written by me based on Saya Zaw’s ideas. It also contains poems and articles that were not printed in the first book, or written after Saya Zaw’s operation.

Saya has also done DHAMMA DANA and donated several books.

Smiles Despite Intense Pain

Saya Zaw’s smiles, jokes and his THINGYAN SAR covered up the “physical” pain. In 2006, during my visit to Sydney, Saya said solemnly, “Only 30% of my kidney is working.”

Saya Zaw has a noble nature

I had first hand experience when I decided to move from “Hardware” to “Software”. Saya Zaw told the management that he would happily let me become the Senior Systems Programmer, even though it would be “blocking” his career advancement. I salute you, Saya Zaw.

Dr. Maung Maung Htay

  • Bo Htay (Maung Maung Htay) studied at Imperial College in the United Kingdom and received his Ph.D from LSU (Louisiana State University), Baton Rouge in the United States.
  • He worked at VMI (Virginia Military Institute).
  • He is currently working at Radford University in Virginia.
  • He served as Chair of the Regional ACM Programming Contest.
  • He offered his expertise (for curriculum development …) at UCSY (University of Computer Science Yangon) for three months each in 2018 and 2019.

Dr. Rafiul Ahad

  • Rafi (Rafiul Ahad) studied at UCC, AIT (Asian Institute of Technology) in Thailand and USC (University of Southern California) in the United States.
  • He worked at University of Maryland, Hewlett Packard, Ingres and Oracle USA.
  • He is currently Vice President managing Oracle Cloud Computing Project.
  • He gave Key Note speech at an AIT Commencement Ceremony.

U Soe Myint

Dr. Maung Thein (Professor, Geology) advised U Soe Myint to study M.Sc. (Computer Science) at UCC.

He volunteered during his study days and joined UCC after graduation.

He is known as KSM (short for Ko Soe Myint) to differentiate from U Soe Myint (Operator, also known as Sunlun Soe Myint or Soe Myint Gyi).

After UCC, he was assigned to various UN projects. He retired from UNOPS.

He is presently in New York, USA.

U Than Lwin

U Than Lwin has two Masters : one in Mathematics from RASU and one in Computer Science from the UK.

He moved to CSO.

After retirement, he and his spouse Daw Khin Swe Oo (EC74) relocated to Singapore.

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