Emma Tin Tin Myint

Emma (Tin Tin Myint)

Emma (Tin Tin Myint)

  • ChE 70
  • Sayama and Sponsor for ChE students
  • Minthamee
  • Organizer of Singapore Pon Chan Chan Group
    with Don Min U Yu Swan (Spouse, Sayagyi)
  • Rocket (name given by Maths U Ko Gyi)
  • Mae Daw Gyi (to monks supported by Dana Sri Lanka)
  • Co-founder, Triple Gems Publication
Pamela (Min Thet Mon)

Pamela (Min Thet Mon)

  • A70
  • Retired Professor of Architecture Department
  • Second daughter of Professor U Myo Min (English)
  • Siblings : Patricia, Uno (Kyaw Myo), Beauty
Ma Kyin Than

Ma Kyin Than

  • T70
Naw Charity Sein Oo

Naw Charity Sein Oo

  • RIT English
  • Retired Professor
  • Met briefly at SPZP in Gyogone Campus
U Saw Hlaing

U Saw Hlaing (GBNF)

  • RIT Physics
  • Post graduate study in Japan
  • Principal, Taungyi College
  • Director, DHE (at the Ministry of Education)
  • Organizer, Thu Ka Ka Yi (Shwe Dagon Pagoda)
Daw May Than Nwe

Daw May Than Nwe (Joyce, GBNF)

  • RIT Physics
  • First in Physics Honors (1962)
  • Passed away in Singapore
  • Spouse : Saya U Thein Lwin (EE, GBNF)
Sao Kan Gyi

Sao Kan Gyi (Tony, GBNF)

  • RIT English
  • Pen name : Khemarat
  • Lineage : Keng Tung Sawbwa / Mangrai

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