HM : Variant spellings (Name)

  • Aung and Oung
    e.g. Hla Aung, Hla Oung
  • Aye and E
    e.g. U Aye Maung, Professor U E Maung
  • Bo and Boh
    e.g. U Win Bo, U Win Boh
  • Htoon, Htun and Tun
    e.g U Tin Htoon, U Tin Htun, U Tin Tun
  • Gyaw and Kyaw
    e.g. U Aung Gyaw, U Aung Kyaw
  • Hpyu and Phyu
    e.g. Daw Hpyu Hpyu Aung, Daw Phyu Phyu Aung
  • Htain and Htein
    e.g. U Win Htain, U Win Htein
  • Htut and Tut
    e.g. U Tin Htut, ICS U Tin Tut
  • Kai and Khine
    e.g. Daw Kai Kai Nyunt, Daw Khine Khine Nyunt
  • Khin and Kin
    e.g. U Pe Khin, U Pe Kin
  • Kyawe and Kywe
    e.g. Dr. Khin Maung Kyawe (Jimmy, BERB), Dr. Khin Maung Kywe (HIS)
  • Lin, Linn, Lyn and Lynn
    e.g. U Lin Aung, U Linn Aung, U Lyn Aung, U Lynn Aung
  • Maung and Moung
    e.g. U Aung Maung, U Aung Moung
  • Maung and Mg
    e.g. U Maung Maung, U Mg Mg
  • Mehm and Min
    e.g. Mehm Than Thoung, Min Than Thoung
  • Min and Minn
    e.g. U Kyaw Min, U Kyaw Minn
  • Mra and Mya
    e.g. U Tun Mra, U Tun Mya
  • Nay and Ne
    U Nay Win, U Ne Win
  • Oo and U
    e.g. U Khin Maung Oo, U Khin Maung U
  • Pe and Hpay
    e.g. U Hla Pe, U Hla Phay
  • Pike and Pyke
    e.g. U Pike Tin, U Pyke Tin
  • Than and Thann
    e.g. U Khin Maung Than, U Khin Maung Thann
  • Thane and Thein
    e.g. U Thane Myint, U Thein Myint
  • Thaung and Thoung
    e.g. U Ba Thaung, U Ba Thoung
  • Tin and Tyn
    e.g. Daw Tin Tin Aye, Daw Tyn Tyn Aye
  • Wai and We
    e.g. U Nyunt Wai, U Nyunt We
  • Win and Wynn
    e.g. U Kyaw Win, U Kyaw Wynn

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