GBNF : Aung Myint (Pet69)

Health Care

  • U Tin U (M87), one of the organizers of SDYF and SPZP, paid respect to Saya U Aung Myint (PP69, Kyant Ba Hone) and offered 4.5 lakhs for Saya’s health care.
  • 4 Lakhs is by SDYF.
  • K50,000 is by Khine Khine Win & Group from Singapore.

Delta Tun Shein

U Aung Myint was known as “Delta Tun Shein”, since he resembled Saya U Tun Shein (RIT Maths).

One of his early cartoons

“Ah Ba, Kar Ku La Thin Char (Calculus) is fascinating.

If you differentiate a La Da (vulture), you get a Sar ga lay (sparrow).

If you integrate a Sar ga lay, you get a La Da”.

Another early cartoon

“Ah Ba, Slide rule is very fascinating.”

“Can you add 2 and 3 with the Slide rule?”


“Throw away your stupid Slide rule.”

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